Oh, How I Love Onions

First night backpacking is always a winner: chunks of sautéd elk filet, marinated in garlic, wine, soy sauce, and lemon juice.  Pasta Alfredo, made the night before and heated up, a glass of wine and call it delicious. 

After that the menu gets very processed: cup of noodles, instant soup, instant hot chocolate, grilled hotdogs…sigh.  It is the kind of food which messes up the gastric system, which is all we will say about that delicate topic. 

On a night when each man made his own meal, Jesse and Rachel wrapped potatoes in foil, tucked it into the coals and started cutting an onion.  Kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, and green onion tops were added, wafting up intoxicating aromas. 

Look at that! 
Would you rather have that or Ramen noodles? 
I made myself a promise.
Never again will I go backpacking without bringing an onion along.

clean up the next day


3 thoughts on “Oh, How I Love Onions

  1. Pretty ingenious, I must say! And the range of food–goodness, that would make anyone’s digestive system run amuck! I am surprised that Collin didn’t have some ingenious epicurian camping delight, though 

  2. Jessie is my daughter-in-law, but she stayed home with Gavin who is too big to carry and not big enough to handle the terrain.  Jesse was a housemate of Carson’s before he got married and Rachel is Jesse’s girlfriend.  You can see her toes in the picture !

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