After the Diagnosis

A friend of a friend was just diagnosed with recurring cancer. 

After fumbling with words, I went to my old faithful Lutheran prayer book. 

It is a wonder how just the act of praying can calm and comfort.  Prayer reorients us.  I remember the time a girlfriend was in crisis, leaving our house in the morning on her way to the unknown.  She was trembling, shaking, heaving, sobbing.  I hurt, but felt so helpless and ineffectual.  Curt gathered us into a three person huddle; he prayed with strong, manly tones.  My friend was bestilled, becalmed, bequieted. 

Divine Savior, Shepherd of our souls,
embrace me with Thy love and protect me throughout this day.

I need Thee, for I am wounded and bruised,
sick at heart and in trouble and distress.

To Thee I come.

Forgive me all my sins in Thy mercy
and love and uphold me amid these trials and tribulations.

Strengthen my faith.

Take every doubt out of my heart and lead me into Thy Word,
which promises that Thou wilt be with me always in every situation in life.

Calm my nerves.

Make me hopeful and patient.

O Christ, have mercy upon me.
O Christ, be Thou with me now and forevermore.



4 thoughts on “After the Diagnosis

  1. Thank you. I needed that this morning. My brother-in-law is in the hospital with a bad infection in his leg that has turned into sepsis. I sometimes forget how to pray when I am so worried about someone. Thanks for the reminder.Carrie

  2. Thank you, Carol. I am reminded to be thankful that God has given me friends whom I care so passionately about and love; and that as much as I love them, God loves them so much more.

  3. Yes, thanks for this prayer….as we have some friends recently diagnosed with aggressive cancers (prostate and colon).  Prayers not only for the patient, but the caregivers are in high order.

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