To Kenya

Do you like my new laptop tote? 
It’s kind of cute, eh?

It (and contents) is on its way to Kenya. 
My heart, a huge chunk of it, is on its way to Kenya. 

Katie, a family member by love instead of blood,
(meaning we’ve adopted each other as family)
is going to Kenya to work as support staff
at a Trauma Healing Conference.

Representatives from more than 15 African countries
will get training to help those who have been through
war, natural disasters and other traumas.

Katie spent her childhood in Zimbabwe.
She has been back to Africa multiple times.

Go well, my friend.


9 thoughts on “To Kenya

  1. @magistramater – I lived there for a summer (as an American Field Service foreign exchange student) — you’ve got me reflecting on a very special time so I’ll post about it this week! By the way, I saw the following and thought of you…”Big support for little bookshops — This is your chance to shout about your favourite independent bookshops in Ireland, north and south  

  2. Wherever did you find that adorable carrying case?  And how fun to think of a part of you traveling to Nairobi with Katie! Keep us posted as to how it goes for her, will you?

  3. Talk about vicarious pleasures?  Did you post about that earlier this summer?At any rate, I’m curious?  Is there a laptop in the laptop bag…. or something else?

  4. @hiddenart – It’s a laptop and several Wendell Berry books.  There is no doubt about “vicarious” but, due to the nature of the conference, it will be more painful (just hearing the stories) than pleasurable.  Limbolady is being sassy because she was with me when I purchased the tote at OfficeSomething (can’t remember if it was Max or Depot). 

  5. Blessings to dear Miss Katie. May the Lord richly bless her time in Kenya. May He prompt us all to pray for her there. What a sweet heart she is. hugs and love in sc.m

  6. When you love someone, like our Miss Katie, you end up loving what they love, like Zimbabwe.  Please remember to pray for the others traveling to the conference as well. 

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