Simple Pleasures in June

The simple pleasures below are all someone else’s joys.
They share them with me.  I share them with you.
Vicarious pleasure.
My specialty.

My daughter-in-law filled this vintage piece
(a wooden milk carrier?) with flowers for a dear friend.
No one does flowers like Jessie.

~  Iris and rose from my mother-in-law’s garden
**when I read this, I can’t help humming
My Wild Iris(silent h) / Rose!**

~  Sunrise on the Columbia River
My son, Chris, went on a fishing trip.

People!  This is a ten foot sturgeon,
caught and released by my son’s friend.

Any vicarious thrills in your life?


9 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures in June

  1. Lovely photos, Carol…. esp the box of flowers by DIL.  I was inspired by a poem I posted in April and purchase red geraniums and blue delphinium for my back deck.  They’re barely holding on, after a beautiful start.  I’m trying to see if they can survive without my tending (watering) them everyday.  Now the butterfly bush (in container) is doing wonderful on its own.

  2. Yes, the flowers are gorgeous and so creatively placed. The photo of the iris reminds me of a poem I read yesterday, “Iris” by David St. John — I loved it and you might like it too — it’s much too long to post here so I’ll just give the url:  The poem begins with an imaginative look at the iris and concludes poignantly with …. well, I won’t spoil the ending for you but let you read it As for vicarious thrills — I think that’s why I’ve embraced Xanga — so many friends and places that are new to me. Blessings, Laurie

  3. Dana, I just planted pinkish red geraniums in my front garden.  My SIL in Maine had some geraniums that lasted seven years before a cracked door froze them.  Laurie, thanks for the poem.  It’s a throat-lumpy poem. 

  4. You said you’d shoot the flowers and you DID!  They look great!Jess is doing another arrangement for me … in that old ice cream churn bucket. 🙂  Isn’t she amazing?

  5. Gorgeous flowers all around. Is the rose from your MIL’s garden, too? And why did your son’s friend throw the sturgeon back in? Just curious if it was law or what.

  6. I miss lobelia and caladium. They don’t grow those around here. What a joy to see them here. What a lovely arrangement and how very thoughtful of DIL. What an added dimension to have the flowers and plants in your garden carry a memory with them. I brought larkspur seeds from CA when we moved here. Every year since they have bloomed their little blue heads off to the delight of the neighborhood. Now I have harvested this years seeds and will share them with Anh in her new garden across town. southern muggy hugs from M with love

  7. Sorry to correct you Mom….but Bob and I BOTH caught the fish. We traded the pole back and forth because it wore us out fighting the fish……LimboLady, yes it was the law to let it go… was actually over the size limit of what you could keep!

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