Foyle’s War

Oh yes!  This is going to be the summer of Foyle’s War for our family.  We have only watched two episodes but we are loving this uncommonly wonderful British mystery series, set in Hastings, on the coast of England, in 1940.  The writing, the music, the cinematography, the acting–they are all quite good. 

Michael Kitchen plays Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle, a man one can’t help but admire.  I particularly like the way he questions suspects.  There is solid strength behind his quiet, unassuming manner.  Honeysuckle Weeks plays his spunky driver “Sam” Stewart.  You can see, just in the way she walks, that her small body is harnessing untold energy.  Fun. Intriguing. Foyle’s War


7 thoughts on “Foyle’s War

  1. …and I didn’t get to watch even one episode??? And who names their child, “Honeysuckle,” anyway? Probably the same ones who named a fellow student/ friend of mine, “Sunshine.” People are funny.

  2. Hi Carol! I just read a blurb for a book and immediately thought of you — though it has nothing to do with WWI:A Search For The Perfect Piano“Tactile memory is our window on the intimate sensual relationship that a musician has with his or her instrument. Because they’re made from wood and other climate-sensitive materials, most instruments end up with a unique touch, sound and personality. Like lonely singles, musicians dream of a perfect match by which the sum of man and music machine is greater than the parts.” Toronto Star 06/22/08 Enjoy a blessed day! Laurie

  3. LImbolady – Well, I didn’t think these would be up your alley when you were here.  Frankly, we were all surprised at the level of production.  Laurie, thanks for passing on the book blurb.  It does sound like something I would like. 

  4. We’ve been enjoying Foyle’s War for sometime.  They’re usually quite good.  I saw from a preview that they have made more. Yipee!!

  5. Deb, I knew we were later-comers.  Friends have raved about them, but we’re just now getting around to watching.Dana, these were on my Netflix queue, but a family at church owns all the seasons which are available and we are borrowing them one season at a time.

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