Ten Favorite Novels – Glaspey’s List

Books about books will always have an honored place on my bookshelf.  There is something seductive about reading reading lists.   They suck me in, good Best Books lists do. 

I love to mark these books I own, noting books I’ve read, books I own, asterisking books I’d like to add to my collection.  I hand these kind of books to other book-lovers with a colored pencil and ask them to mark and initial the titles they love.  I have often bought Honey for a Child’s Heart as a baby gift, personalizing it with stars and notes about my favorite children’s books. 

Terry Glaspey’s Book Lover’s Guide to Great Reading is a trusted resource for great book lists. This book arrived in the mail this month and I have enjoyed my random dippings into it.  I think every book lover sees a “Best Books” list as a measuring device, looking for familiar titles on the list.  check, check, check, no, check, no …   

Here is Terry Glaspey’s List – Ten of My Favorite Novels

1.  The Bothers Karamazov Fyodor Dostoyevsky

2.  A Soldier of the Great War  Mark Helprin

3.  Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy

4.  Les Miserables Victor Hugo

5.  Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë

6.  The Brothers K  David James Duncan  

7.  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  Mark Twain

8.  The Power and the Glory Graham Greene

9.  The Second Coming  Walker Percy

10.  Cancer Ward  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

I’m planning to read # 2 this summer (but hadn’t heard of it before last week).  I’ve never heard of titles #9, #10, but I know the authors.  I’ve read 4/10 of these books.  It is past time that I re-read The Brothers Karamazov, a book I read plowed through (in between diaper changing) the summer of 1986 because it was so often named as a favorite novel on a radio program I heard.

Familiar with any of these?  What book (s) would go on your ten favorite novels?



7 thoughts on “Ten Favorite Novels – Glaspey’s List

  1. I’ve only read three: Anna Karenina, Jane Eyre, and Huck Finn. I have The Brothers Karamazov waiting on my to-be-read shelf, and the Greene title, Les Mis, and Soldier of the Great War are on my to-read list, but I don’t own them yet. I haven’t heard of the last two, or The Brothers K – so I’m clicking over to Amazon to check them out. I love books about books, too. :)Carrie

  2. The Brothers Karamazov is #1 on my list and I’m ready to re-read it.  I, too, plowed through it three years ago and only after I finished it did I realize it was so good.  No other book could match it afterward.  I’ve got a different translation and I hope to start it soon.I also really, really enjoyed How Green Was My Valley by Llewelyn.  It’s probably not great literature, but the story has stayed with me a long time. Others:Kristin Lavransdatter TrilogyPride and PrejudiceAs I Lay Dying The Grapes of Wrath Tale of Two Cities

  3. While trying to come up with my list of ten favorite novels I realized for the first time that many of the books I love don’t fall into that category. Anyway, some of my favorite novels are Jane Eyre, Middlemarch, Wives and Daughters, The Warden, and Mansfield Park.

  4. I read the Brothers Karamazov a few years ago with an online group, and enjoyed the discussion so much.  It also kept me on task, as we had to read a certain number of pages each week.  I might not have finished it otherwise.Only made it through half of Les Miserable;  I liked it but it was slow going and I got sidetracked. I didn’t have the group support for that one!Didn’t need extra  support with Jane Eyre… loved it and would definitely include it in my top 10 list. My daughter read it last year and we enjoyed discussing it~ now she is viewing the movies and we are comparing them.In the Sunday editorial section of the newspaper, there was an article about how difficult it is to sit down and read deeply after  developing the habit of “skimming” and “scanning” quick reads on the  computer.  I look forward to the summer months when I can spend more time with books of my own choice, and honing that art of reading deeply.  Right now I’m reading Ben Franklin’s autobiography.  It took me a bit of time to get used to the archaic spelling and writing, but I find it is very engaging!Loved your idea of giving Honey for A Child’s Heart as a shower gift!  I’m going to order a few for just that purpose.  Thanks!

  5. booklists! agghhh Am familar with 7 – dusting on the shelf – due for a re-read (first read well, can’t remember if i made it through the first 30 pages). Favorite novels – Carol, I’ll have to think about this one! Novel reading long overdue. Which one shall I start with? Karamazov? Do I need a tractor?

  6. @SemicolonSherry – Sherry, I have troubles coming up with the top ten.  I have read your list (also your DVD list) and appreciate it.  I’m eager to read Helprin’s novel.  It was a list of favorite books where I first saw Kristin Lavransdatter (Elisabeth Elliott’s favorite novel); it is on my top five now!

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