June Snow!

Someone wise once said, “Never complain about the weather.  You can’t control the weather, so don’t waste your time complaining.”

I’m not complaining.

I’m exclaiming!

It’s snowing!
It is June!

Big, fat, pregnant snowflakes.

Perhaps I’ll make butternut squash soup for dinner.

Go figure.


10 thoughts on “June Snow!

  1. it’s June in the southern hemisphere too (cold that is) – perfect weather for soup …and some handicrafts leave the books for a while and start with a quilting project (i did…)… you know that you said that there’s just “something right about it”

  2. you gotta be kidding! Well, it’s just gorgeous here–beautiful sun during the day and nice little breeze this evening. Not braggin’ or anything (…well, maybe just a little!). But could you try to get rid of the snow by the 16th? Pretty please?

  3. My heart be still….we are just a bit warm (98-100) with gi-mungus thunder storms which we sit under the porch and watch far off in the distance. The very thought of butternut bisque and snow as big as all that, is exhilerating. There used to be an old saying (possibly Indian in origin)…Big flake, small snow, small flake, big snow.  It worked in PA when we lived there anyway. Is this called an onion snow? So enjoy. who knows what next week will be bring. love and hugs in sizzling  SC.

  4. Dana – I didn’t make soup.  My son asked for meatloaf!  I made the “neeps” of Neeps and Tatties we ate in Scotland.  It’s just mashed rutabaga.  I didn’t cook them long enough, so it wasn’t smooth.  I liked the strong cabbage flavor.  Sonja – you’re quilting?  Have you done it before?  Oh fun!Mel – bring the flat iron.  I’m getting my hair trimmed and thinned this Friday.  (Don’t you wish it was that easy to trim and thin the body?)  Warm weather is on the dock for this weekend…M – It’s hard to imagine how we can be so cold and wet and you are sizzling!  Yesterday was a beautiful January day!Carrie – Wait.  YOU didn’t get snow yesterday too?  You must be in a lower elevation.  Sadly, my friend, there are very few morels to kill.  It’s not been a good year for mushrooming.  They need rain and sun.  We’ve only had rain.

  5. Yes, snow, and I had to drive over the hill for rehearsal in Pendleton in it. . .  humph! I passed the de-icer at Hillgard, and followed the plow along past Meacham. There was also fog. I couldn’t believe what I was and wasn’t seeing! Junuary. . .

  6. apologies carol – haven’t answer your question – no, i haven’t done any quilting before …. really enjoying it! it’s called African quilting, i.e anything goes (my interpretation)…

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