Two-Word Meme

I’ve been gone to a Ladies’ Retreat, and just realized that I was tagged by the very funny Ruthie, aka Jersey Chick.  Consider yourself tagged, if you’d like to do it.  If you’d like to see better, more clever answers go here
and here and here **Addendum** My new friend, Sonja in South Africa, also new to blogging, answered here.  Go leave a comment and encourage her!

1. Where is your cell phone?  Call me a Luddite, I don’t own one. (oops! – it’s called Two Words for a reason. Wait a minute and I’ll start over…)

1.  Where is your cell phone? doesn’t exist
2.  Where is your significant other? working, naturally
3.  Your hair? a lot
4.  Your mother? miss her
5.  Your father? him, too
6.  Your favorite thing? husband, reading  or husband reading or reading husband!
7.  Your dream last night? … came true
8.  Your favorite drink? tea, with
9.  Your dream/goal? jazz pianist
10. The room you’re in? fragrant kitchen
11.  Your hobby? reading, blogging
12.  Your fear? nobody cares
13.  Where you want to be in 6 years? size 12s
14.  Where were you last night? can’t say
15.  What you’re not? naturally tidy
16.  Muffins? not particularly
17.  One of your wish list items? laptop tote
18.  Where you grew up? Chicago suburbs
19.  The last thing you did? butchered Chopin
20.  What are you wearing? reading glasses
21.  Your TV? plays DVDs
22.  Your pets? Singular: labrador
23.  Your computer? it works
24.  Your life? goodness/mercy
25.  Your mood? satiated, tired
26.  Missing someone? someones: siblings
27.  Your car? aging Subaru
28.  Something you’re not wearing? damaged weddingring
29.  Favorite store?  Scottish deli
30.  Your summer?  more books
31.  Like someone? piano tuner
32.  Your favorite color? the gloaming
33.  When is the last time you laughed? (my) Pilates Pastor
34.  Last time you cried? reading poem

Leave a comment if you do this in your blog.  If you don’t blog, put your answers in the comments (wink).  Or not.


10 thoughts on “Two-Word Meme

  1. I was hoping someone could ask, so I could clarify.  The really laughable thing is that this is so out of character, one would never put those two words together with our dear man.  Our pastor turns 50 this month, and went back to the city of his youth to do what he has always loved to do: surfboard.  Except, he hasn’t actually surfed in A Very Long Time.In an effort to get into shape, he did pilates with his daughters.  We heard their description of this unusual family workout…hysterical!  It’s impossible to draw a mental image!

  2. Welcome back, and thanks for playing!Oh, so cool that your dream came true!  Are you able to tell us what it was?How did your ring get damaged?  Bummer!Jazz pianist?  Really?  Don’t High Church folks like yourself have to eschew improvising?  (Kidding!! It was a joke!)

  3. On the dream thing…not really.I’m hard on jewelry, and wear precious little of it.  In England I lost a diamond chip on my wedding ring one day and another chip the next day.  It’s getting repaired this week.And, really, I’m more Middle Church than High Church.  I love to improvise and almost never play the notes exactly as they appear on the page.  I don’t think I ever told you how often your comments made me laugh aloud on our trip: the sheep with the purple heart is one I still remember.

  4. My brother introduced me to Barb (I’m almost sure they’ve met IRL) and I check in on her occasionally.  Thanks for the pass, Angie.  I knew I was breaking the rules. But, without the “wedding” a reader wouldn’t know how tragic the story was and how naked I feel with this ring not on my finger.

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