Support of All Just Measures

Most Fridays I receive an email from a friend in Zimbabwe, sharing her news and musings.  Whenever I see her email in my inbox I rejoice.   When we don’t hear from her we intensely pray for her safety and security. This morning the email began,

“I haven’t written in a few weeks largely because I didn’t know what to write. What’s to be said? That we have suspended democracy?” 

Sandy of Maple Grove and I are exchanging news we receive from our brothers and sisters in Zim. Our church is also praying for a congregation and orphanage in a section badly hit in Myanmar.  Lord, have mercy.

Prayer In a National Crisis

King of kings and Lord of lords,
Thou Lord of life and death,
protect [Zimbabwe][Myanmar] in its great need.

Let men use this great trial to turn to Thee for strength
and to find in Jesus their peace with Thee.

Let wise counsel, calm thinking, unselfish aims prevail.
Grant unity to the land and support of all just measures.
In Jesus’ name,

(from the Lutheran Book of Prayer)


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