The Old European

Carson and Taryn took us to their favorite breakfast place in Pullman, The Old European. Even if you don’t normally follow links, you’ll want to click on that one.  Trust me.  You can’t gain weight from looking.  Go to menu and click on the pictures.  Do it.

What a delight.  Fresh squeezed orange juice, food that melts in your mouth — this would be the perfect place for a birthday breakfast. 

Danish Aebelskivers with Blackberry Brandy sauce

I scooped up the mission statement on the front of the menu:

We believe dining out should be a wonderful experience, not just a place to eat. (Amen!)  With the economic trends of today, most breakfast and lunch restaurants have to accommodate a fast pace society by being quick, efficient, and inexpensive.

In doing so, the art of home cooking gets lost, because quality requires time and raw ingredients. Few establishments take the risk of scratch batters, fearing the risk of inconsistency and the demand of constant training. Even fewer are set up to create products which are different and difficult to produce.

As our name connotes, our menu features many “Old European” recipes. Recipes that not only take time, but also the raw ingredients make our food noticeably better (hear, hear!).

Our welcome to you is “Guest in the house, God in the house” ~ a Polish attitude.

They are singing my anthem: slow food, fresh ingredients, hospitality.  Oh my, oh my.

The amazing thing is that this restaurant probably served 1,000 breakfasts on graduation morning.  The wait staff was exceedingly cheerful, helpful and efficient.  If you are ever in Pullman, Spokane, or Post Falls, plan on The Old European.


5 thoughts on “The Old European

  1. That must be a new establishment; I don’t remember it from my time in Pullman. Of course, back then it would have been out of my Top Ramen-eating price range! Looks yummy. :)Carrie

  2. Oh, my goodness! How many people know what an aebelskiver is!?! There is a place in the town of Cambria, about 3 hrs. drive south of me that has these!!! It HAS to be really good if they have these! MMM!

  3. Slow food? Yes! Made from scratch? Yes! And this is in Pullman? No, I have never been there, but my uncle was head of the English Department of WSU for many years, and his daughters – my cousins – and I were very close growing up. Every other summer they made the trek to upstate NY where they had a lakeside cottage and I spent many a happy time there with them.

  4. oh, I love to eat at The Old European!!  I took two of my children there last week while we were in Spokane for Music Fest.  What a treat!!  I made them try the aebelskivers.  We shared a pecan caramel cinnamon roll, and we each had our own egg dish too.  yum yum!

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