Let Us Not Grow Weary

A modern monument in the Shere Church Graveyard
(Does this remind you of Timothy Botts’ calligraphy?)

Here is the “translation.”

I think Wesley’s quote is missing something.
Don’t mistake me, I love it.
But, it could become a recipe for grim frustration.
Maybe I’m still a bit tired…

I think it needs a bit about “with faith” or “in God’s strength”.

What do you think?

When we entered short doorways in the UK,
there were signs which said, “Mind your head.”

I need that sign this Monday,
as the tasks of the next two weeks loom large.

Mind your head.

Blessings on your day (or evening).

P.S. Did you check out the Botts link?
You are in for a real treat.
He’s been a favorite artist for decades.


9 thoughts on “Let Us Not Grow Weary

  1. That reminds me of a mug my daughter brought me from the UK when she went. It says, “Mind the Gap,” and had a drawing of the map of their subway system. Apparently, when you take it, there’s this calming female voice that constant says that as you step on/off the trains. I love that!

  2. First heard that quote in Dec ’05 on NPR when Jim Wooten interviewed an African young man named Nkosi Johnson (AIDS activist), who did not mention where his rule for living originated.Heading now to look at Botts…..

  3. I love Botts and Wesley so couldn’t help but enjoy your post.  Wesley lived what he preached and was tirelessly active all of his life.  I get tired just reading about his accomplishments!  But I appreciate his sermons a lot. 

  4. Hi!  I think the Reformed world is still a small world and ‘xpect that we know quite a few of the same people.Moya Mommy is a beloved member of our church.  My children think her children look like precious little hobbits and we can’t wait to meet Aiden when he makes an appearance.

  5. I’ve just come back from the Timothy Bott’s link…I’d never heard of him.  I looove the Africa print in his gallery.  It really makes me wish I could do such beautiful work!

  6. No I think he meant it (Wesley I mean) He was not as reformed as one might think. And oh boy to do I agree with you.  Read it again with “in God’s strength” at the end of each line and see the frustration fad. love you for your insight. Get some rest! Moyamommy’s momma Granny to the Hobbits

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