Tea Intersection

Coffee shops are multiplying in Great Britain (yep, they have Starbucks, but Curt’s favorite was Costa – and they had free wifi, so it was my favorite rest stop), but Tea is still King.  The first question after we entered a house was, “Would you like a cup of tea?”  In a world where ritual has been replaced by randomness, there is a peculiar comfort to the ritual of making a perfect pot of tea.

On a day-long excursion to Canterbury, our friends came prepared to make tea en route.  We savored the steaming mugs of tea, huddled together in the van, when Lucy (a daughter) said, “There’s something very civilized about drinking tea in an uncivilized situation.”

I’ve never met a Lucy I didn’t love…


10 thoughts on “Tea Intersection

  1. Oh sweety, you come on over some time and I will make you a cuppa. You reminded me of the line from Charing Cross Road. “Life would be insupportable without our tea”. My Yorkshire friend (now London) tells me it is the water that makes the difference as well. Have you tried “Yorkshire Tea”? It comes in the most delightful box, complete with pictures of the North. You had fun, didn’t you? love, m

  2. I was surprised at how well British Airways took care of us.  Both directions, they served a snack and two meals…included in the ticket price!  I found the best price for PG Tips at Costco in England and brought back a stash.  I also bought a Scottish Tea in Scotland that’s good – not as strong as PG Tips.  I have not tried Yorkshire Tea.

  3. I have Yorkshire Tea–it’s a good strong tea. My friend brought some for me from England and then I found it here, too. I have to admit I’m a tea junkie–all kinds, Ginger Peach, Raspberry Peach, Jasmine Downy Pearls, English/Irish Breakfast, Blackberry, Apricot….but my very favorite is Bentley Chocolate Mint. MMM!

  4. My sister was married to a Brit for five years.  When his family came to visit, they would stop whatever they were doing at 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. for tea.  Janet came to love that ritual.I’ve never quite made the switch to tea.  Is it because I’ve only used the bagged tea and only brewed it in the cup.  I’ve wanted to buy a teapot and try loose tea.  I enjoy a cuppa tea in the winter but can’t quite think of replacing my coffee with it.  Any ideas for converting me to tea?Sandy

  5. Just testing to see if you notice comments that are made so long after the original post :)I guess Yorkshire tea just gets blended in Yorkshire, right?  Yorkshire does not really feature on my map as a major tea growing area…:)Takes a lot to beat a good cuppa.

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