Five Castles at a Glance

Here are the five Scottish castles we have visited.

Blair Castle in Perthshire
A man’s kind of castle, full of guns, pikes, narwhal tusks – all kinds of guy stuff.
The most opulent, extravagant castle inside.  Wow.

Edinburgh Castle
Layers of history; St. Margaret’s Chapel my favorite spot.

Stirling Castle
My reading has prejudiced me, but this castle was absorbing.
The Great Hall was truly great.

Glamis Palace
You would never guess, but Glamis was the most homey palace.
The warm, friendly guide made it a warm, friendly palace.
Current photos of the current Duke’s grandchildren abound.
Birthplace and childhood home of the Queen Mother.

Scone Palace
This was our first palace visit.  With a blank slate, the wow factor was enormous.
The library was cleared of books (except for the bottom shelf) and
used to display fine china, a bazillion patterns of fine china.
I like china, but I wanted to look at the books!


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