Happiness Doubled by Wonder

I do not, in my personal capacity,
believe that a baby gets his best physical food by sucking his thumb;
nor that a man gets his best moral food by sucking his soul,
and denying its dependence on God or other good things.
I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought,
and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
          ~ Gilbert Keith Chesterton in A Short History of England

I’m developing a mental and written list of specific authors and books to look for while we browse second-hand bookshops in Great Britain.  I’m specifically looking for British or Continental authors whose works are hard to find or hard to fund (pay for) in America.

Here’s a start and I’d love reminders or suggestions from the audience!

G.K. Chesterton
Hilaire Belloc
John Buchan
O. Douglas
Thomas Chalmers
Leslie Thomas (new travel writer I just discovered – oh my!)
George MacDonald (obscure works perhaps?)
Arthur Quiller-Couch
Enid Blyton
Anthony Trollope

It’s funny: when I take a trip, one of the overriding concerns is which book(s) to take along?  Now I’m wondering which books will come home and will I find a treasure there?

Full of happiness doubled by wonder,



8 thoughts on “Happiness Doubled by Wonder

  1. *Thanks are the highest form of thought*
    That AND the entire quote is going in my copy book.

    I will be interested to read later on what the cost comparison is for books here versus there. 

  2. Beware of the airlines extra cost to heavy luggage. They have become tyrants about it!  (love O. Douglas. I got one in a tiny used book store up by Bolton Abbey) Oh the fun you are going to have! blessings and love from SC

  3. Carol,
    Have you read “A year in Provence” (Peter Mayle)? It has been taken into film (I haven’t seen it) but the book is a real gift. It has two sequels I haven’t read. An English couple in Provence (France).

  4. Hi Alfonso,I’ve read A Year in Provence and really enjoyed it.  It was lovely like Under the Tuscan Sun. I haven’t read Toujours Provence; I picked up A Good Year thinking it was more travel/memoir, one of my favorite genres, and was disappointed that it was fiction. I’d rate it a 3 on a scale of 5.I am always thankful to you for recommending Dear Frankie.  I loved that movie!

  5. I have recently discovered Elizabeth Goudge and she has quickly become one of my favorite authors.  Some of her books are still in print, but not all of them.  The Bird in the Tree, Herb of Grace (also called Pilgrim’s Inn) and The Heart of the Family are a trilogy and a great place to start if just discovering her. 
    (Just as I have recently discovered your blog and it has quickly become a favorite as well!)

  6. Welcome, NAshenhurst!  Yes, I delight in Elizabeth Goudge.  I have not read the ones you’ve referenced, though.  Let’s see:  I’ve read Linnets and Valerians, The Scent of Water, and The Dean’s Watch.  One of my favorite scenes in Linnet and Valerians is where a bachelor uncle undertakes the education of his nieces and nephews during the war.  He begins with, “Tell me about Greece.”  The kids respond with answers such as “a wine-dark sea” but the youngest, supposing he is asking about grease, and remembering a grease fire says, “a bright light.”  This turns out to be the uncles favorite answer; the siblings know what she meant but keep quiet because he seems to treat them all better because of his favor for the little one.  Thanks for the reminder. I will look for E. Goudge while I’m in the UK.

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