Today’s Date

This is for Carson, the child I would catch staring into nothingness or staring at his watch when, well, we all know what he should have been doing. 

“What ARE you doing, my dear child?”  [I added the dear child part today. Time has a way of softening our memories.]
He held up a hand as if to say, What I’m doing is of extreme importance; whatever you want can wait.

And then he’d blow a gust of air out that he’d been holding.

It was just 11:11:11 on 11-11. 


A Sacred Moment.

Today is February 4, 2008, written in America as 02-04-08. 

Another way of saying today’s date is two, two squared, two cubed

It’s the little delights of life, folks, that keep us happy.


9 thoughts on “Today’s Date

  1. There is clearly a whole other level of reality on which I am missing out completely, as these are thoughts I never think.   It’s terribly fun when others point to such things though!

  2. I too would never have noticed but I love it when you tell us these things.Thanks for your sweet comment. You would have enjoyed the choir yesterday, although your keen ear would have caught a few flaws too. But considering the very small number of rehearsals they had, they did extremely well. And enjoyed it too which is special because some of them really don’t appreciate anything more than either contemporary choruses or maybe country music. Blech! As it is, they do get to sing a wide variety of styles so their choir membership is educational too. Mind you, the average age is probably 50+ – many retired people and hardly any really young ones.We have encouraged the high school students to join the choir, but they have so much going on and so much homework that they just can’t commit to it.

  3. I loved this, (chuckles) so far away from the side of the brain that I use. I will however share this with a child of mine, grown now, who was and is that person above….love and blessings, m

  4. Dana, I agree with most of that review.  The book is overflowing with irony, some of which is delicious and other is a wee bit sad.  I’m reading this in the context of daily prayer for certain single friends who would love to be married.  I’ve been trying to read it with “their eyes” and wonder how they would respond.  Are the assumptions people make about single women (oh she can take care of this, what does she have to do anyway?) too close to the truth?Most blurbs say how funny the book is.  It is the funny that makes you smile rather than guffaw.  A quiet funny, in other words.Excellent Women is chock full of “church culture”; in that sense it has universal appeal to those of us steeped in that culture.  This is my first Pym, so I can’t help you there.  From my quick reviews this is the title most often referenced of all her works. 

  5. I recognize this guy! He is cut from the same cloth as my husband, who counts steps, knows how many cars get through on the red light, and waits breathlessly for the odometer in the van to roll into a cool pattern.  It was a totally foreign way of thinking for me at first, but I find it has rubbed off on me.  Now I even do sudoku puzzles. The world would be a dull place if word-lovers weren’t balanced out by these “number noters”, don’t ya think?

  6. Yes, Yes, Yes!  Counting steps, especially odometer stuff, trivial number stuff galore.  One thing is that those guys are incredibly observant.I loved the first time Carson gave me a tour of Seattle (his new home town) and pointed out at the tiny details of buildings, intersections, number of Humvees, BMWs, all sorts of stuff.  I agree, they see (and show us) a side of life we would miss without them.Are you feeling better, I hope?

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