Keep Us Standing

from the Prayer Book this morning:

Open our understanding
that we may find joy and delight in Thy Word,
which alone can sanctify our hearts and minds.

Keep us from temptation
and let sin have no power over us.

Bless everything that we do,
that by honest labor and work
we may obtain our daily bread.

Bless our food,
our lives,
and our home
and keep us standing in Thy grace;
through Christ Jesus, our All in all.


picture taken on Sandpoint trip


7 thoughts on “Keep Us Standing

  1. Keep me standing …or at least pick me up when I fall 🙂
    Do you ever visit Ree’s site?  (thepioneerwoman?)  She has a scary photo of a horse who fell.  Just FYI
    Did you get out of the car to take this pic?
    And btw, I FINALLY figured out how to do a post ahead of time on Xanga.  Do you ever do that?  I knew how on blogger…

  2. I haven’t seen the fallen horse, but I was feeling very *Reeish* when I took this photo.  It was on 27 miles of unplowed (unploughed in Britain) highway.  As we came up on the deserted road the horses ran to the fence.  I suppose they thought we were the feed truck…And I was secure and warm when the picture was taken.  Artistic care has its limits!About posts ahead of time: DO TELL! I’d love to know that.  Hate to say it, but I wish I had started on blogger. Thanks,CarolPS – I was hoping to catch up, finish and post on the Hazlitt book today.  However, I’m grandson sitting and that takes priority. 

  3. @magistramater -I go ahead and start a new entry, writing whatever phrases or ideas come to mind for that topic, esp saving links.  Then at the bottom of the dialog box, below where we chose a book we’re reading, there’s a *Status* box.  Mine using is set on *public*  When I change it to *private*, then only I can see that entry and it has allowed me to work on posts ahead of time.  A definite plus.  Previously, I would just save my thoughts on a Word document and cut and paste.  Still I can do that, but this way is slightly more convenient.
    Have you taken the time to save any of your archive on disks?

  4. Wildflowersp, I’m be gnashing my teeth if you still had inflatables to view.  At least, IMHO, lighted reindeer is a step up.  We have so many hungry (live but not lighted) deer, that it makes the idea of phony reindeer in the lawn ludicrous.  Carry on, my friend.  They must come down sometime!Dana,  thank you.  I’m sure other people will appreciate that you replied instead of messaged!

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