The Gift of Gavin

I remember the moment you were born, dear little Gavin. 

Your Grammy and I were sitting in the background, your Daddy holding Mama’s hand and your beloved ZhaZha (Aunt Jackie) holding her other hand.  The hospital was short-staffed; they only had time to swaddle you and set you in the warm bassinet.  The doctor and nurse needed to help your Mama. The doctor barked, “The baby needs a nurse!” to the unresponsive air.  I walked over and stood next to you, watched your little pulse.

Now I watch you pulse as you listen to music, both the sounds we all hear on the CD player and the tune that is running through your head, which only you can hear.  You are so occupied when you play alone and hold some fine conversations with yourself; and yet you are very social, poised and articulate around others.  

I know what you want, dear boy.  It is a gift from God, and I pray that He will give us that gift soon…even this year.   While we wait we are thankful – so very, very thankful – for your smile, your hugs, your kisses, your exuberance, your strong arms and legs, your precious soul. 

Happy Birthday Three Year Old!


9 thoughts on “The Gift of Gavin

  1. The gift of grandsons, something I thought I might never have, after four daughters! Aren’t they just wonderful? Yesterday at church, Jordan leaned across his mother and whispered to me, “do you have those colored pens, Grandma?” I pulled out a red and a turquoise pen from my purse and hand them to him. He leans over to whisper to his mom, disdainfully, “She has ALL the colors.” Super Grandma, for the time being 

  2. Like Limbolady, my mom had four daughters. Between my three sisters and I, we have given her 9 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. We’ve more than evened things out!
    Happy Birthday, Gavin!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to Gavin — do save this for him to cherish when he is an adult awaiting his own child or grandchild. Just beautiful! Enjoy every moment with him, Laurie

  4. A Birthday Buddy! Great!
    Happy Birthday to you , Gavin! From Kade’s Granny, (who also was born on the 21st of January!)
    And my dear friend, remember to thank you son and his wife for the precious gift, too! Wouldn’t we all be less rich without those grandchildren!We should have a Grandmother-Grandson Picnic this summer!

  5. He is gorgeous!! i love his cheeky little grin, his open, smiling face–he is obviously a very loved boy, so secure–
    (P.S.: i’ve seen inside LimboLady’s purse, and she really DOES have all the colors– LOL)

  6. 1/18Letter from a Slave Ship By Brenda B. Covert         1 Dearest Mother,2 I trust that you are well, along with my father and brothers. In my mind I see your flower garden in full bloom, tended by gentle hands. As for me, my lifelong yearning for a life at sea has evaporated, and feelings of homesickness startle me in their intensity. Once we arrive in North America, I will post this letter to you. I shan’t be returning to the sea for a while, so my return home will be postponed for a while. Yes, I will be returning home rather than continue as a sailor on a slave ship. After I share my experiences with you, I am certain that you will understand my need to escape the memories of life at sea and my reluctance to resume on a passage so soon after reaching land.3 Captain Clarkson seemed like a decent man for whom to work. When Father led me down to his ship to become a part with his crew, I felt I had come face to face with my destiny. A thrill coursed through my veins. That it was a slave ship did not unduly concern me. You know Father’s beliefs concerning Africans. I accepted those beliefs just as I accepted my employment.

  7. Happy Birthday, Gavin!! Three years old is a wonderful age.  Enjoy your grandson, Carol.  I am ready to be a grandma, but will patiently wait a couple more years until my children are ready to be parents!Blessings,Sandy

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