Rattlesnake Travelog

“Are you going Rattlesnake?”

AAA and Mapquest won’t direct you to this road,
the most direct way from point A to point B,
which traverses a series of canyons.

See for yourself why the highway is called Rattlesnake.

In the left third of the picture below the highway snakes around the mountains.

It is a fun drive in the summer in a itty-bitty sports car.

Even in the winter, it is SO worth it for a wedding.

Tomorrow: the wedding and another blog friend story.

“What I had experienced was a symphony in the wilderness.
Those who never learned to walk
will never know its beauty.
Only those who choose to get lost in it,
cutting all ties to civilization,
can know what I mean.
Only those who return to the elemental world
can knows its beauty and grandeur–
and man’s essential unity with it.”
~ William O. Douglas


3 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Travelog

  1. Been there, done that many times!
    One the most memorable travels down and back was the Saturday I took a van load of Wallowa County 4-H Dog Club kids over to Lewiston to see an AKC show, On the way over we were beset with a carsick young man, needing to get out after each turn. On the way back we were stopped in the road by a very large cougar who attempted to stare us down before wandering off over the edge of the road. After that, no one was car sick again!

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