A Little Boy’s Calendar

A delightful Christmas project for my soon-to-be-three grandson.
Cowboys and horses get Gavin’s heart thumping.
This calendar came in the mail from one of my financial planners.

I decided to personalize it for Gavin.
It has his birthday, his folks’, his grandparents’, his ‘greats’,
and all ten aunts’ and uncle’s birthdays marked
with colorful stickers.

I put questions from a child’s catechism on the top of the page
and the answers on the bottom.
After a year, he’ll know the first 12 Q & As.

I thought a way to mark the completion of each day would be fun.
Immediately I discarded the thought of a Sharpie marker.
I don’t want his Mommy to hate me!
What about a water-color kid’s marker?
Still, the risk of a mess was huge.
They had to be big enough for his little fingers,
but not too big for the calendar box.
I found these primary colored dots.
They are attached to the back of the calendar
with a huge plastic paper clip (not shown).

(Daddy-Dad is Gavin’s best attempt at saying Granddad. It’s
now what his maternal grandfather is called.)

Small Children’s Catechism
Chris Schlect

1.  Who made you?
2.  What else did God make?
       God made all things
3.  Why did God make all things?
       for His own glory
4.  Why do things work as they do?
       God has so decreed it.
5.  How do we learn about God?
       God reveals Himself.
6.  Where does God reveal himself?
       in His word and in nature
7.  What does God reveal in nature?
       His character, law, and wrath
8.  What more is revealed in His Word?
       God’s mercy towards His people
9.  Where is God’s Word today?
       The Bible is God’s Word.
10. How many Gods are there?
       There is one true God.
11.  How many persons are in the Godhead?
12.   Who are these persons?
          Father, Son, and Holy Spirit


6 thoughts on “A Little Boy’s Calendar

  1. What a great idea! When two of my grandchildren lived on our property I used to quiz them on the Catechism questions for children. They’ve moved now so I don’t get a chance to do that any longer. I’d like to find another way to teach it to them. You’re idea is a great way to do that. I think Judy Rodgers (sp?) had some of the questions on a song.
    This is my first time visiting your site. I’m subscribing. I really enjoyed my visit.

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