Random Notes on a Saturday Morning

Lea, our niece, with a pound cake she made for her uncle.
Lea is reading The Diary of Anne Frank with a will.
When she is finished,  we will watch  Freedom Writers.
Has anyone seen it? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

†   †    †

We listened to an excellent lecture by Peter Kreeft
which BTW is pronounced “Krayft”:
10 Uncommon Insights into Evil from Lord of the Rings.
A friend sent this to us in May and unfortunately it got buried in my inbox.
After I began it, I realized that we all needed to listen together.

This is worthy of your time whether you are a LOTR fan or not.
Cogent, articulate, penetrating, clear, enjoyable.
Caveat: it is 48 minutes long.
Bonus: it is a free download.
Go ahead and listen to a few minutes…

†   †   †

My grandson Gavin, satisfied in his Opa’s (great-grandpa’s) lap.
Gavin is a joy-bringer, a smile-maker, a contentment-holder.

Gavin is great at
…spontaneous vocalizing
…making silly faces by raising eyebrows contorting his mouth

… standing outside the loo and conversing with the occupant
…loving babies (he takes after his daddy)

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9 thoughts on “Random Notes on a Saturday Morning

  1. As for me, LOTR is my probably my favorite book and movies of all time. This lecture shows points I have either not thought of, or forgotten. It is thought provoking and enjoyable at the same time. 

  2. What a wonderful little boy, that Gavin! Completely unaware of the joy and enjoyment he is bringing, I’m sure. Just as my grandson is/does….CONGRATULATIONS to Lea!!! both on the pound cake and especially on reading the book. Tell her the movie is definitely worth working toward.

  3. About “Freedom writers”: Some times I’ve heard talking about the teacher’s work as the work of Sisyphus, taking  a stone (the education of the students) up one year, and then having again to take another one. Erin Gruwell makes a terrible effort to succeed with her students for the first time. She wins in that, but ruining a big part of her personal life (husband, colleagues…). And refusing to do it again. She took a very big stone up, but she got exhausted.

  4. Thumbs up on Freedom Writers, although I concur on the comments a out her sacrificing her personal life to invest in the lives of the children. Sad that she didn’t put her husband first and still influence the kids she taught. Still a good movie, though!

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