Creative Christmas Gifts

I promise to focus on Thanksgiving…starting tomorrow!   Here are two creative gift ideas.

The first is from my niece Olivia.  One year she did Memories in a Bottle.  She typed up short vignettes, even two-or-three-sentence memories on the long side of brightly colored paper (Page Setup Landscape).   She folded these strips into accordion  folds and put them into a  decorative bottle. [Example: I remember when we drank Hot Chocolate every Sunday night before we went to bed.  The memory of the melted marshmallows still warms me.]  She typed up enough strips so her parents could shake out a folded strip of paper and read one a day until Valentines Day. 

This would work well in any direction: grandparents, parents, siblings, child.  I think it might be especially good for the child who needs to be reminded of his/her roots.  It’s a gift that needs some time for the yeast of ideas to rise. 

The second, Countdown to Christmas, comes from my next door friend/neighbor Rhonda.  Her daughter Lori is a teacher overseas and won’t be able to come home for Christmas.  Her daughter asked family not to send bulky items which will be expensive to ship home later. 

Rhonda’s Christmas Gift to her daughter is a collection of memories. Rhonda asked friends and family to write a letter to Lori, including pictures, and give the letter to Rhonda by this weekend.  She made a beautiful binder with a letter for each day of December enclosed in page protectors.  The letters go behind a page for each day of December which has photos from Lori’s childhood artistically added. 

I can’t describe the creativity that I saw last night, both in form of the letters, and in the pages marking the days.  This is the perfect project for scrapbookers.  It is small enough in scope to actually get finished!

The package will be mailed today and get to Lori by December 1st.  Wouldn’t this be a great idea for soldiers, missionaries or friends overseas?  It’s a lovely idea for any long-distance loved one.   


3 thoughts on “Creative Christmas Gifts

  1. I love both ideas!  especially the memory-in-a-bottle idea for a shut-in or someone who really doesnt need anything.
    DH has taken over shopping for the girls and I do the rest of the family.  At least I’ve got a few ideas rumbling around.
    Still have one more grocery store run for T’giving, but am trying to wait to see what else I have forgotten

  2. that is just an awesome idea to put memories in a container… you just gave me a fantastic idea. when i have a wife, i’m going to write my thoughts and put them in a bottle and give it to her in the future.

  3. Great ideas–one of my daughters and her husband have written each other a message each year of that year of marriage, and have also written some “I remember when” short essays about their own childhood memories to put in a book together. So you can really take this whole memory idea and run with it in whatever way suits you best!

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