Stunning Improv

This, my friend, is well worth the six minutes to watch it.
I.  Am.  Entranced. 
Gabriela Montero.
My new favorite pianist.
Within two minutes of watching this video I purchased a CD.

Have you heard of her?

Hat Tip, Waving the hat in the air,
Jumping up and down, waving the hat to my new friend Nettie.
Who also taught me how to embed a video.
Thank you SO MUCH Nettie!


11 thoughts on “Stunning Improv

  1. I will listen (later).  Your recommendations are always good.
    I bought a Luncheon of the Boating CD from the gift shop after the Sat lecture; and I am disappointed.  It’s really too modern for my listening taste

  2. Carol, thank you for that sweet note. The funny thing is, I want to be like you when I grow up. Which is pretty ludicrous considering our comparative ages! But I so admire your ability to analyze and articulate your feelings about what you read. I very much relate to what you say but would never be able to find the right words to express it as you do. And what you have taught your children! Outstanding! Incidentally, lately the pain has not been as bad, and maybe I neglected to say that in my post. I shall have to check and maybe edit it a bit. And thank you for the link to Gabriela Montero. I have not heard her. And I do have DSL so should be able to listen to it.

  3. Yes that is pretty neat, that we can enjoy something like this together being what? 3000 miles? apart. That is one of the wonders of this age.I am sending the link to our worship director. He is no mean improviser himself, but he is going to be blown away by Gabriela.

  4. Finally got back around to listen to this clip and she is indeed sensational!  I’m headed to her website to listen in as you and Dorrice have been doing.
    In the clip of the improvisation of the German song, does not syncopation feature prominently.
    She truly connected with her audience.  Again very enjoyable.

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