Seeing Seattle

~  the view from the park

~  the blending of two families

~  Carson & Taryn

~  best friends

~ early 20th century transportation

~ early 21st century transportation

~  good-bye Daily Savings Time

~  anyone see Eustace?

~  neon lights abounded…I love the blue in this one


~  view of Seattle from Pike Place Market


6 thoughts on “Seeing Seattle

  1. It looks like you had a wonderful visit.  Yes, we were down for the weekend, and I was sorry that you weren’t there.  When you weren’t playing the piano I made a point of asking about you.  However, we plan on being back the 21st for Thanksgiving and the weekend (I’m driving this time–we discovered that that helped), so perhaps I’ll get to see you then.

  2. Carrie,Yes, we did go to Mars Hill.  In many ways it wasn’t what I expected – really just peripheral things.  Mark preached an *excellent* sermon on humility.  He is a gifted communicator.  He said that for eleven years he cared so much about orthodoxy that he completely neglected teaching humility.  Philippians 2 was the text.  Although I can’t see my husband and I at Mars Hill, I’m glad the kids are so excited about going to church every Sunday.  It truly is the highlight of their week.  And the impact Mars Hill is having on Seattle is unmistakable.I’ve been toying with a blog entry, but this may be the extent of it.If you have questions, email me, OK?Carol

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