While the air in southern California was choked and mucked up with smoke, charred chunks, whirling dirt, and other corruptions, the Lord saw fit to give us these blue skies yesterday.  And while half a million–a number one can barely comprehend–half a million people were evacuated, we saw the aftermath of evacuation in our little corner of the world. 

My husband, who sheriffs the front lawn for unwelcome piles, gave us a little lesson on scatology yesterday. 

Deer leave tiny little pebbles.

This thick one here is from a bear – see all the seeds in it?  Yep, we have a resident bear in the neighborhood.

I thought about taking a picture (how often do you see bear doo in your yard?) but it was too gross. 

*     *     *     *     *

Prayer for those suffering loss of homes
(taken from Lutheran Prayer Book “In Business Reverses”)

The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away;
blessed be the name of the Lord.

O my heavenly Father, I, Thy poor, harassed child,
come to Thee for comfort, for peace, and for aid.

Thou knowest even better than I
the worries and anxious forebodings
that are troubling my heart and mind.

Whither shall I flee in my distress but to Thee,
my gracious, omnipotent Father?

Let these losses teach me the fleetingness
and vanity of all earthly riches.
Create in me that godliness
and contentment which is great gain.

Strengthen Thou me that I may remain
firmly clinging to the word of Thy promise,
Fear not, for I will never leave thee
nor forsake thee.

8 thoughts on “Evacuation

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this and for praying. I have posted a request for prayers for friends — my family is not threatened but so many of our friends are here in So. Cal. Thank you!

  2. City girl that I am, it was years before I learned this definition of *scat*
    We have gotten a little rain between yesterday and today, but are woefully behind in our inches.  I’ll bet there’s a prayer for/about bad weather in your Lutheran volume.
    Will you share it?

  3. I never – until this minute – made the connection between the command “scat” and the other stuff (giggle).  I will look for bad weather prayers, yes.  We are behind in rain also and I’m committed to never complain about rain forcing me indoors or changing my plans.  “Right as rain” must mean something, eh?

  4. Is this “scat” like the “scat” Ella Fitzgerald used to do? (the only way I ever knew to use that word) My, aren’t words fun? Okay, I am debating about joining limbolady and her desire to see the, um, you know…EEUUW.

  5. PS. I was there for the last big fire in CA and had to be evacuated, not knowing what we would come home to. Something not talked about, is the months of ash clean up that southern CA will have to go through. It seeps into every little corner of the houses in the area, under carpets and back recesses of every cupboard, into lungs, young and old. Several friends lost homes then.  We are holding our breath waiting to hear about friends and family, our favorite Christian camp etc.this time around. This is not global warming btw, but another crazy that takes advantage of the Santa Anas. Happens every time.  Thanks for the beautiful poem.

  6.  Limbo and Rose,I didn’t click the shutter.  And I really don’t want to describe it, do I?It was dark, very dark,thick, very thick,medium lengthwith lots and lots and lotsof little white berry seeds,sort of “tailings” of berry.It was the tiny white seeds like you see in strawberries that gave it away.

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