Love You More Than

picture taken by brother Dan

My sister-in-law Valeri started a wonderful tradition.  She ends her emails and notes with the phrase, “I love you more than _________” inserting something she really loves in the blank.

I love you more than frost on the rosemary bush.

Love you more than a bowl of beef stew on a crisp Thursday evening.

Love you more than the Oregon coast.

Love you more than marinated, grilled lamb.

Love you more than rich, smooth Merlot,

Love you more than surprise mashed potatoes,

I love you more than fresh air after a good rain shower,

Love you more than all the leftovers from Thanksgiving,

I’ve extended this to other loved ones. It’s our little game…

Love you more than rain on my roof while I’m drifting off,

Love you more than fresh tulips from Imnaha,

I love you more than contra dancing,

Love you more than being caught up,

Love you more than the poetry of Donne,

Love you more than the gloaming,


7 thoughts on “Love You More Than

  1. Did I know you did contra dancing, Carol?  Oh, each time I read something new we have in common, I plan an extra day of visiting when we finally meet (-:I really like this idea and plan on adopting it with my extended family.  For one, it makes you think about what you really love — and that’s always a good way to think.I am so excited about your Scotland plans.  I hope you share every.single.bit.of.planning.  Fear not — we shall not become bored.  Just overcome by salivating (-:  Have a lovely autumn day,Di

  2. Okay, Di, I can tempt you with margaritas *and* the Virginia Reel *and* Posties Jig!!  As for the Scotland trip, I’m trying – really, really trying – to talk Curt into an extra week (paid out of our wallet) in England.  To be sooo close to the British Museum, Hay-on-Wye…sigh.  The dollar-pound thing is a significant issue.  Sigh…  Maybe three days extra?  Well, you know how to pray!

  3. Josiah (my 5-year-old) and I play a similar game – we go back and forth. I knew he really loved me when he gave me these two: I love you more than ice cream, and I love you more than turns on the computer. đŸ™‚

  4. My kids and I would engage in a similar thing as nnjmom does.  I love you big buckets… I love you trainloads…. I love you airplane loads!!!> and on and on, each one upping the ante.Hay-on-Wye!  That would be so nice!  Perhaps stop at Shrewsbury and walk across the Severn on the way?

  5. Have you truly, actually told someone you love them “more than the gloaming”?  Yes, I know what that means, but it just.sounds.wrong!!!As for England, have you thought of staying with Audrey?  She’s a great hostess!p.s.  I love you more than staying in my pajamas all day and talking on Saturdays

  6. So ya wanna pick a fight, LimboLady?  heh heh!  Why is I love you more than the gloaming wrong, but I love you more than an outrageously gorgeous sunset right?  And we write these things; I don’t think we’ve ever spoken them…I hadn’t thought of Audrey….hmmmmmm…CarolP.S. I love you more than comments on my blog

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