Baskets of Books

This is an incomplete gathering of books I’ve received for free!! (sorta)
since I joined PaperBackSwap in July.
Color me tickled pink.

If this was your blog, I’d want to see close ups.
So here they are!

Some of these are for school, but a lot are for pleasure edification (cough, cough).
After Kristin Lavransdatter, I want to read more Sigrid Unset.
(See The Axe above?)
My son compels me to read Dorothy Sayer’s mysteries.
He won’t let up until I’ve read them all.

Here’s the deal.
You need to list 9 books that you are willing to mail when
a member requests one of them. You have five days to mail a book
after it has been requested.
After you’ve listed 9 books, you get 3 “gift” credits.
 [Soon it will be list 10 books, get 2 credits.]

A credit = a free book.
You find a book you’d like, request it, and the member
who posted that book sends it to you for free. Yippee!!

Essentially, you are getting a book for the price of postage
to mail the book that got you the credit. (~ $2.13).
You are clearing off your shelves of books you don’t need to keep
and getting books you want to read.

“Organization is the key to life,”
says my dear SIL Valeri. 
I have a cupboard in the garage dedicated to books
I’m selling or swapping so they don’t get
co-mingled with my collection.

Kristin, who referred me to PBS, gave good advice:
the key to PBS is the Wish List.
There are 180 books on my Wish List right now.
When a title enters the system and I’m first in line,
I get first dibs at ordering it.

So now, when I read delicious blogs and delectable
book lists, I scoot over to PBS and enter those
titles on my wish list.

When our pastor told us about a Dostoevsky
short story (White Nights) which is required reading
for his daughters, I put it on my Wish List.
Now it’s in the mail to me.  Ha!

I laughed out loud after I’d ordered a book (unknowingly)
from Cindy at Dominion Family.  She sent me a message
asking, “Are you Magistra?”
and threw in another book from Grant’s list. Ha, Ha!

And sneaky Carmon found my PBS Wish List
and sent me a book for my birthday from that list! Ha, Ha, Ha!!

This basket of books is my firewood for the winter;
fuel for my mind, stacked up, pressed down
and overflowing.

11 thoughts on “Baskets of Books

  1. Oh, I’m going through reading withdrawals here! I’ve been so busy with getting ready to lead worship at a women’s retreat this Saturday, plus cleaning our house and purging to get it ready to show and sell, I have barely had any time to read. And fall is my favorite reading time – the weather has gotten cold, so I’m feeling the craving to curl up in the corner of the couch with a fleece blanket and just read, read, read. Maybe next weekend!

  2. Thanks for the PBS *primer*  I am close to signing up.  Once I get permission to trade DH’s books (boxes & boxes of ppbks) I will have more currency than I know what to do with 🙂
    Loved the close-up!
    Dana in GA
    PS  Thanks for researching the origin of that Lewis quote. 

  3. Oh, I thought they all had to be paperbacks?!  Hmm….this puts a whole new spin on things 🙂  And I bought THE softest fleece blanket from Costco a couple of months ago, that I have ever, ever felt.  It’s amazing.  This is from a person who has a phobia against any fabric that is remotely itchy.  Today we had the windiest day at school and I was glad to reach my car and its relative warmth after…..I feel a warm reading weekend coming on (okay, okay, so it’s mostly school books.  I don’t get caught up in technicalities these days  ).

  4. I have several online friends who do PBS and really love it.   I consider it every once and a while, but I worry about too many books piling up.  I’m fortunate that our library system is very good.I love the Lord Peter Whimsy series.  They’re such great fun. 

  5. Love PBS!  I’ll have to take pics of all the books I have amassed since I joined (in July, too, I think!).  How funny that you have received books from people you know!  You have received some cool stuff.

  6. Another Love story here! I too signed up at Carol’s foirst posting and have gotten some great books. After reading about Boudica, a real life warrior queen who fought against the Romans, I found a fictional book about the woman leader. While I don’t have the time to read it these days, Christmas is a;coming and taht promises time for indulgent book reading…. However, I haven’t passed on a book for a while and so must get some more on my site…I have a bunch of homeschool ‘stuff’ just waiting for the ISBN# to be typed in! Maybe tomorrow! Columbus wouldn’t mind…

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