Tiller’s Folly

Thanks to all of you, including my husband, for the kind words on my birthday.

The fun keeps comin’!!
We’re off to see Tiller’s Folly whose music is described as
“Progressive Acoustic Roots”, a birthday gift from one set of kids.

I went to a Tiller’s Folly concert with a girlfriend
several years ago and loved them.
They are a world class band. 
One of the members used to live here,
so they make an effort to play here annually.
Celtic, bluegrass, ballads … fun, soulful, haunting, melodic music.

(sigh) They toured Scotland last year.
Scotland.  My Mecca.

You decide.
Go here and click on lyrics/listen.

I particularly liked the Irish Ballads on Wild Bird’s Nest.

Does anyone play the fiddle out there?

5 thoughts on “Tiller’s Folly

  1. It’s been awhile, but yes, I do!  I have my grandfather’s violin that I started playing in 3rd grade, through jr. high.  After that, I was the accompanist for orchestra, and learned to play the bass violin, too.  Hope your concert is great fun!

  2. Enjoyed the first few clips I listened to and will listen to more later on this afternoon.
    From Wild’s Birds Nest, I chose Bridgett Flynn, a sweet story about *rural love*……which made me think of a Bastien-Lepage painting entitled *Rural Love*
    About the fiddle playing?  a miserable failure confirmed by an experience in violin lessons when I was 12.
    Dana in GA
    PS  It looks like these guys dont come to GA….and that I’d need to renew my passport to hear them in BC 🙂

  3. Dana, you hit the nail.  Bruce sang Bridget Flynn at the concert.  Right before he did my husband leaned over and whispered, “I want to hear just this guy sing.”  The stage emptied and it was just one excellent troubadour with his guitar singing.  And the song was Bridget Flynn.  We ended up buying Wild Bird’s Nest.Great evening.  There’s nothing like live music.  Enchanting.Happy Lord’s Day, all. 

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