Simple Pleasures in September

“Come to the table” – four beautiful words

California Quail – picture snapped by Curt

Donna’s 50th Birthday Celebration over at Quiet Life
Her comments section is the funnest place to have a party.

A new year of school, more great stuff ahead.

Phrases from the prayer book:
~ Give me unselfishness in all my striving
~ Remind me again that my life, my speech, my faith is nothing without love
~Let Thy gospel call me with new sweetness
~Lord, fasten my heart…

Gavin (my grandson) with his Aunt Maddy (my DIL’s youngest sister)

What has brought you joy this month?

7 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures in September

  1. *You* have brought me joy this month!
    Blessings fm GA,Dana
    PS  What a beautiful table setting.  It’s still a little too warm here to eat dinner outside, even tho’ it’s officially Fall.

  2. Dana!  How kind of you!  Thank you for those kind words.Isn’t the table setting beautiful?  My dear Katie (a dear friend who is more than a friend, she’s family, though not by birth) invited us over.  I love how every chair is different. 

  3. I love your stack of books!  I think I have most of them (minus the art book).  My son will be reading much of Jonathan Edward’s Reader this year in Torrey.  And a fellow Saxon user!  I have loved Saxon since we began it way back when with Math 54 when my eldest was in 3rd grade.
    Anyway, stacks of books always bring me joy, though I’m sure a grandchild would, too!  I just don’t have any experience there, yet .

  4. I love stacks of books too, Kathleen.  I love to look at others and to look at mine.  I’ve been getting in gobs of good books from PaperBackSwap and I’ve thought about collecting them into a stack and snapping a picture.

  5. I should do the same, Carol.  I joined PaperBackSwap not long ago and have swapped lots of books.  I think I have received 4 already this week, and have 4 or 5 more on the way.  I should take a pic, too .

  6. My greatest joy this week is being freed from the dull, drab, BORING eight-to-five job I’ve had for 18 months and finishing my first week of COLLEGE in seven years!!!  YEE-HAW! 🙂  Two of my classes turned out to be surprises (I guess I shouldn’t have been so tight with my money and bought a catalog after all) but good surprises:  the class titled “Romantic Era 1770-1830” which I thought was a prose/literature class turned out to be poetry.  And the Classical Literature (which I had NO IDEA what it was) turned out to be Homer, Plato and the like.  One of my friend’s daughters is in 2 of my 3 classes on Tues/Thurs, and that’s an added delight.  My last class of the week is Advanced Expository Writing, which I LOVE!  I’m learning all about “blackboards” (on the computer) as well as “Discussion Boards.”  Life is good.

  7. Your site is always a joy to me. Your comment on my blog brought tears of joy to my eyes. Simple joys, like the feel of the living room when it is in the middle of the night is a joy, or looking out on moon just hovering on the horizen, or the sound of the laughter of my grandkids on the phone. (You know that one!) Just meditating on what brings joy is a sweet breath to inhale.Thank you. I love you sweet friend! M

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