What Saturday Brought

Saturday brought….a gathering of my kids, more pesto production, a celebration of a century (my DIL’s mom’s 50th birthday Sunday and my upcoming 50th birthday), fresh apple cider, a build your own burrito feast, many hugs, kind words, smiles and good wishes.  It brought a huge surprise!  I walked into the kitchen and my oldest sister (and surrogate mom) from Chicago was waiting to give me a hug.  I loved to have her enter my world, meet my friends, love my people.  Her birthday was yesterday. 

Saturday also brought a PaperBackSwap book in the mail, The Philosopher in the Kitchen by Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, and, with it, this quote.  It provided a hearty laugh.  I give it to you with apologies to my thin readers.

But for women it [thinness] is a frightful misfortune;
for to them beauty is more than life itself,
and beauty consists above all in roundness of form
and gracefully curving lines. 



10 thoughts on “What Saturday Brought

  1. Pretty green basil leaves contrasted by brown wooden salad bowl makes for the beginnings of an interesting still life.  I was encouraging DD#2 to compose an autobiographical still life for her senior art show.  Somehow it was easier for me to make selections for hers over mine.
    Celebrate.all.week 🙂
    Blessings fm GA,I am Dana, a round and curvy friend

  2. Happy almost Birthday!  I love the basil in the bowl as well. Love from one whose “roundness of form and gracefully curving lines” is getting rounder and rounder all the time. M in SC

  3. Happy upcoming bd! i once insulted a friend by calling them thin–i’ve had a certain “roundness of form” for years, and in fact my college roomie and i decided to become “frail” and ate dates for dinner and had the most uncomfortable evening–i never got frail, and i apologized to my thin friend and told her it had been my Life’s Dream to be able to be called thin!

  4. What fun to have Dorothy to celebrate with!!!  I am so glad for you 🙂  So if thin people have misfortune, does that mean the rest of us should consider ourselves fortunate?!?  HALLELUJAH!!!  I knew this day would come…..P.S. Watch for a bday pkg. in the mail 🙂

  5. Looking forward to learning the actual day so I can fully celebrate you, Carol.Between you and Donna, it’s the big week, isn’t it?We have a huge basil bush to make into pesto…can’t wait to taste it.  YUM.Much love,Di

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