Friend of Children

A new member of our church was born this week…

Photo KGB

We know that this child is a gift from Thee.  Grant us grace and wisdom to bring it up in the knowledge and understanding of Thy Word, which makes us all wise unto salvation. 

Bless our child with a healthy body, a clear mind, and a clean heart, and preserve it to us if it be Thy will. Grant that our child will grow up in favor with Thee and bring sunshine and joy into our hearts and our home.

Keep us all in Thy grace, forgiving us daily our sins and filling our souls with peace.  Thou art our Hiding place.  And now to Thee be praise, glory, thanksgiving for this precious gift this day and forever; through Jesus Christ, who is the Friend of children and the Savior of all.  Amen.    from the Lutheran Book of Prayer

A brother!  Photo KGB


3 thoughts on “Friend of Children

  1. Making the blog rounds this morning, I noticed an interesting picture which you might appreciate, since it’s entitled *Woman Reading*.
    Check out Mentalmultivitamin’s entry from this past Friday 🙂
    Dana in GA

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