~ Curt and Collin had a small window of time to hunt close to the house before they left on a week-long archery hunting trip.  Curt got a  six point (here in the West we count one side of the rack) early this morning.  I so prefer elk meat to deer meat and it is truly a blessing to have a freezer full of meat.  Thank you, Lord, for providing.

~  Collin drove home to get the trailer and camera.  It was his first time hooking up the trailer alone.  I called up my DIL Jessie who has hauled horses around since she was sixteen.  Speaker phone on, she walked him through all the checkpoints, talking as if she could see exactly what Collin was doing.   Thank you, Lord, that my boys have married capable women.  And thank you, Lord, for the growing maturity of my youngest son.

~  Wednesday was the final day of my girlfriend weekend.  On Saturday we stayed in our jammies all day while we talked and talked and talked.  On the drive home from the airport in the car without AC, the rays of sun were hypnotizing me.  My body was shrink-wrapped in fatigue.  My tried and true stay-awake strategies had lost their efficacy.  I stopped at Staples and saved my life with a $6.99 purchase.  Bubble wrap.  I love, l-o-v-e, to pop bubble wrap.  Popping those pockets of air kept me awake until I got home. Thank you, Lord, for protection and for the most wonderful invention of man: bubble wrap.

Tell me, my friend, what are you thankful for this day?

Addendum: here is Curt and his Dad.

14 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. I am thankful that God woke me up today and gave me another chance to serve Him on earth.
    And for internet friends ๐Ÿ™‚
    Praying for mercies as you travel home,Dana in GA

  2. HILARIOUS!!!  I think popping bubble wrap rates right up there with eating dry powdered milk….but glad it got you home in one piece ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am curious as to the difference in taste between elk and deer – more flavorful, I’m guessing?  And maybe more tender?
    I am thankful for our friendship and all the good, sweet things it has brought and taught me, just in the past few years especially.  Specifically I am thankful for a WHOLE DAY spent in nightgowns, talking….who would ever have thought that two people could talk that long?

  3. Oooh, elk meat!  Sounds wonderful! 
    Since we have no hunters in the family, we have to wait until Thanksgiving, when the processing place puts “left-behinds” (pun intended) on sale.  I can smell the stew already!

  4. My sister always had bubble wrap under her desk to offer those who were stressed. They would go to the warehouse and jump on it (-: Everyone ended up laughing and relaxed. Cheap therapy.I was thinking $6.99 would buy a humongous caffeinated beverage — bubble wrap makes much more sense (-:Thankful: it’s my birthday, so I am overflowing with thanksgiving today. Family, friends, presents, a day off to do my list of to-dos. Lovely.Thankful for you, Carol!Diane

  5. Bubble wrap? I’ll have to try that next time the caffeine won’t do. Cassie had to drive the last three hours of our trip home from NYC because I was just too tired.I am thankful today for an answered fleece. (I was debating whether I should go on a business trip with Terry and needed some new clothes so I prayed that if there was a nice outfit in my size at a consignment store in our town, I would consider that a “go”. I found a beautiful three piece suit — knee-length jacket, dress and slacks–in my preferred color black it fit very nicely, and the best part it was $30.)Also thankful for children who love God and who put Him first in their lives. What an undeserved blessing that is.Thankful for wonderful blog sisters,Blessings,Sandy

  6. My kids fight over the bubble wrap that comes in packages from the mail!
    I am grateful for a husband who loves to take our kids camping – and doesn’t mind when I opt to stay home for a girls’ night out! Heading out for appetizers and then to the theater to see Stardust in a couple hours – can’t wait!

  7. Yes, ma’am. I’m very proud of my husband. Killing an animal with a piece of wood is challenging, involving stealth, strength, good judge of distance, etc. His first shot went behind the animal; he was given a second shot and it hit the mark.

  8. I’m thankful for the time you take to blog. I love to visit. Bubble wrap! That’s what I’ll send with my kids some day when they have a late night drive – how in the world did you think of that?!

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