Thrills in the Thrift Store

This is one sweet book.  I’ve held my DIL’s copy hostage for at least
two years.  Now I can remove it from my PaperBackSwap wish list;
my request was 79 of 87 for the hardcover, 67 of 77 for the paperback!

Soap dispenser that matches my shower curtain!

I’ve been looking for art for my guest room.  I don’t like the frame
color on this Monet, but paint covers a multitude of sins. $9.99 <grin>

This little wooden figurine reminds me of Christian in Pilgrims Progress. 
It will go on the bookshelf near that book.
A profile shot reminds me of Carson’s backpack.

This water pitcher appealed to me more when I picked it up than just looking at
it. It just felt good to hold.  Mel liked it too.  I offered it to her. She demurred.
I offered it again.  She was concerned about getting it home unbroken.
I went for the kill, and offered to buy it for myself.
Christian service, and all.

The pièce de résistance is a footed cake stand. 
I have secretly yearned for a footed cake stand for several years.
There it was.
Goodbye Tupperware.
In the beautiful life, glass trumps plastic every time.


8 thoughts on “Thrills in the Thrift Store

  1. Oh the sweet joys of a footed cake plate. I keep my granny cookies in mine. Who says it has to be just for cake?  The wooden figure looks German. I love it! Love you friend! M in SC

  2. Those are indeed fantastic finds!! 
    Read an interesting blurb about Monet over the weekend….his painting of his wife, Camille, just departed.  Wierd?
    How much liquid will the pitcher hold?
    Dana in GA

  3. I got TWO footed cake plates for my birthday! One’s a simple white one, and the other is this bunny toile number. But since most of my cakes (actually, all so far) are for serving elsewhere, I’m still going to transport cakes in my trusty plastic carriers, and carry a stand separately for displaying and serving.

  4. I am jealous, too. I bought a glass cake stand at an auction years ago but sold it in our moving sale when we moved here. It may be time for another…..Great finds! I read The Pearl last night and am reading The Red Pony today. Thanks!Sandy

  5. That is one of my fave books (of its genre). I think I bought a couple as gifts, too. Now if I could only implement the directions….We aren’t quite ready for the footed cake plate yet. Having beautiful items in the home is so very special. I would love to have a footed cake plate and pictures on the walls, but will wait until the boys learn to not throw things in the house with a little more reliability. I’m assuming that will be in the next two decades sometime. ??I had actually hung a small framed and glass fronted picture about a year ago but Ds #3 plucked it from the wall and threw it across the room! I decided we’d wait a couple of years before placing more items of beauty in harm’s way. I’ve had to find sacrificial items of beauty for them to practice caring for. Not as easy as it sounds. LOL

  6. Are you from Boise? For some reason I thought Oregon. The major artery must be Fairview Ave.?? I’m from Boise though we’re living overseas and am there only every other summer.

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