Morning Routine

Cindy calls it Morning Time.  She has 20 Morning Time posts: you will be inspired to read them all.  We call it Morning Routine.  This is the time we begin together at the table.  I am remodeling our Morning Routine this week.  Exercise, brekkers and shower come first on both plans.


Read chapter of Bible   from what we were studying at the time
Sing Psalm     mix learning new ones with reviewing familiar ones
Pray   don’t ask me why, but this has always followed the singing
Read Psalm from the Vulgate    One verse in English, one in Latin
Read Catechism question    Currently WLC
Read a poem   reading through different anthologies


Pray   We will begin with the daily prayer from the Lutheran Book of Prayer.  It has four weeks of daily prayers.  I would like our prayer life to grow in maturity; I like the tone and posture of these prayers.  On a tired Friday morning I want us to pray, “Send me, O Lord, into the tasks of this day rejoicing.”  

Read chapter of Proverbs   This is how we began school back in 1994, our first year of home schooling.  I’m returning to my roots, at least for autumn.  I even like the idea of picking one verse and copying it in a journal.  I remember one of my former lit students told me he was working on handwriting, and he was a high school junior at the time.

Sing Psalm    Continue on our course with more emphasis on memorization.  My husband puts me to shame with the hymns and psalms he has stored in his head.  He works on them on his lunch half hour.  Many psalms we sing are challenging musically; I have a fond hope that my son is improving in musical sight reading.

Catechism   Continue through WLC; re-evaluate when we are completed.  This makes me laugh, though.  When I was growing up catechism is what the poor kids in the Catholic church did.

Poetry    Continue through The Top 500 Poems for three weeks of the month. [Oh – Oh – and when we complete that the next anthology is The Oxford Book of English Verse.  Yippee!! ] One week during the month we will focus on one poet (Frost, Service, Cowper, Bradstreet, Kipling, etc.).  My greatest aid in sustaining any interest in poetry in my son has been Jeeves and Wooster.  More than once, Collin has read or listened to a story that referenced a poem the same week that we had read it.  The glow of recognition keeps us going.

Art   This is an addition which requires more thought and planning on my part.  We have several books to work from.  I like the drip, drip of daily exposure with a concentrated focus on one artist, one week a month.  I plan to watch Sister Wendy’s art films to educate myself.  

When I get to this point, I always want to add more.  One year we read through Grant & Wilbur’s Christian Almanac.  I’d love to do that again.  I’d love to read the Proverbs in the Vulgate.  I’d love to work through our set of People and Places and pray for the nations, learning a microbit about them each day.  I’d love to incorporate prayer for those being martyred, to raise our awareness of our brothers and sisters in chains. 

This is where my husband shines.  He has such a skill at estimating the time it takes and making priorities.  He’s always subscribed to the philosophy of Do A Few Things Well. 

5 thoughts on “Morning Routine

  1. I like your morning routine! Here’s what ours is, so far: (Keep in mind we’re on day 3 of our year.)
    ~ Read a section of “Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends” and accompanying scriptures, then discuss.
    ~ Work on our “Walk Through the Bible.” I took a curriculum I learned in Bible study and expanded and adapted for the younger crowd. It’s basically learning the major events in the Bible chronologically, with accompanying movements. The kids are really enjoying it!
    ~ A chapter or two from our read-aloud. Currently, it is “The Teacher’s Funeral: A Comedy in Three Acts” by Richard Peck. Michelle loaned it to us – it’s hilarious! Perfect for a start-of-the-year read-aloud.
    I forgot all about our poetry efforts from last year, so I’ll have to add that. We alternate between “Favorite Poems Old and New” and a Shel Silverstein book.
    I’m happy to say that we’re on track for a good year. The first days are always a bit rough, but they’re settling in well.

  2. Sounds delightful…. I will enjoy peeking in………usually mid-day for me, when I can get a dose of your insights into the world.
    Like Laura (lines in pleasant places)who added some Kirk to her reading list, I am continuing my homeschooling…..with me, myself, and I;  that is,  my personal curriculum choices and whomever I can trap into listening 🙂

  3. This is one of the very things I’ve been working on in preparation for the start of homeschool (starts Sept 4th for us). I long for routine by the end of August, when we have grown lax in some of our hard earned habits. Here is our usual routine:~Bible reading (John and Judges are slated for this year)~Prayer (sometimes we do a simple one in Latin)~Hymn (_Then Sings My Soul_) ~Poetry from _Favorite Poems Old & New_ and/or from the_Oxford Book of English Verse_ OR our poet of the month.~Read aloudsBible memory verses we recite at mealtime. But I need to figure a way to review. That has always been a weakness.If everything else in the day goes awry, I feel we’ve accomplished something if we at least maintain the morning circle time. Usually my husband can be with us in the a.m., so it has become a jealously guarded ritual; his schedule sometimes takes him away in the evening. My children have their own Bible reading time in their bedrooms before breakfast, and I was pleased and surprised that my oldest 2 children asked for a little more time this year. They have enjoyed longer, unrushed reading this summer and are loathe to return to a quick 15 min. slot. We agreed to get up a little earlier and serve breakfast a tiny bit later. This was a request I was delighted to accomodate! There is always something to tweak when you are homeschooling.

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