Simple Pleasures on a Saturday in August

~  The colors in my garden

I love the deep purple of eggplant.  Aubergine.  What a delicious word.

The Railway Children DVD, based on E. Nesbit’s book.
Superb viewing for the whole family. 
Edwardian England, Bobbie, Phil and Peter, and the Sussex countryside.
I loved the book and it follows it quite faithfully.
C.S. Lewis read and was influenced by Nesbit. 
She was quite unorthodox in her personal life,
but she wrote warm books rich in family life. 
The Treasure Seekers and The Wouldbegoods are my two favorites.

~  The absence of back to school shopping. 
Y’all enjoy the malls and box stores. 
I’m home in the garden with my music and books.

~  A clear phone and DSL connection.
After months of calls to DSL technical support,
a friend suggested we call the regular phone company.
They came out and the phone line had been
almost in two by squirrels
.  Rodents!

~  Sunrise over the mountains.  It’s opening day of archery season
and I woke up to say goodbye to my hunters.
I’m remembering a sunrise we experienced 23 years ago today.
I watched that sunrise holding this bundle of a boy in my arms.

Happy Birthday Carson!

What simple pleasures are you enjoying this day?


5 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures on a Saturday in August

  1. Good garden colors………ratatouille here you come!
    Just back from an early morning haircut.  Yes, I feel gorgeous.
    So, the rest of my summer Saturday will be spent indoors because it is blazing hot here.  Call me wimpy, but there are plenty of inside chores calling my name.
    And I am enjoying the *quiet*  I am home alone.  I think about your listening to audio books all the time – a talent I have yet to master.  I wonder about missing the sounds around me… things I rely on to alert me.
    I’m trying to learn to recognize birds by their songs/calls.  Early, early this morning I heard an unfamiliar one; it may have been an owl, considering the time of day/night  🙂
    Dana in GA

  2. A phone call to my daughter at my parents house, her voice brimming with excitement over baking an apple pie with her Papa.
    Sleeping in until 8:45!
    My hubby bringing me breakfast – biscuits and gravy and hashbrowns.
    Knowing my boys are safe and having a blast at my friend’s home with her sons.
    A morning to read and blog and then an afternoon spent with friends.
    Life is good!

  3. Making chocolate chip cokies from scratch with the kiddos, listening to them watch the Laurence Olivier version of “Pride and Prejudice” again whilst I blog.  They’re good kids. (happy sigh)

  4. Going on retreat with other Christian women, reading a book with NO interruptions; NO TV; sleeping in until 10:00 a.m.; worshipping with these women in a different and unique way; watching a “U2” DVD for the first time and finding out this rock group is comprised mostly of Christians!!!
    ….helping my daughter move out, with both anticipation and a bit of sorrow.  She and I have been perfect roommates 🙂

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