File this one under Lessons I Keep Re-Learning

Hydration is a key factor in maintaining energy.

Drinking lots of water is also a universal component
of every weight loss program I’ve seen.

The problem for me is when I’m just living…not, cough-cough, on a program.

I forget to drink water.

I get sluggish.

I sit.

Here’s a TBOI (tasty bit of information).
 Take your weight in pounds,
switch it to ounces,
divide by two.

That’s how much water your body requires.

So, if you weigh 150 pounds,
drink 75 ounces a day.

“Says who?” you ask.  I forget says who.
My best method (so far) to get it down:
Fill a gallon container almost full with water.
Add a block of ice (I use a 2 lb yogurt container).
Keep it in front of my eyes.

How do you get your quota of water each day?

7 thoughts on “Hydration

  1. There’s a new product out there called “True Lemon” – little packets of powdered stuff to put in your water that has no calories and truly does taste like real lemon.  It helps.  My friend, Judy, cuts up strawberries, oranges, lemons, and whatever fruit she has and puts it in a pitcher of water in her frig.  It’s really very tasty, too.

  2. I divide the day into quadrants and make sure I drink 20 oz per fourth of the day.
    It takes discipline and being near a bathroom šŸ™‚ so, I dont comply on a day full of errands.  It’s easy to get out of the routine, but it’s a sure sign I’m not eating properly IF I can drink 50 oz in a day.
    Today ?  I’m behind, having had about 24 oz black coffee and no water….yet

  3. I tell myself I’m not allowed to have a cup of coffee (or a glass of iced coffee) in the morning unless I drink a Mason jar of water first.  I’m not allowed to have a cup/iced coffee in the evening unless I have a Mason jar of water or iced tea first.  I tell myself I have to finish a jar of water either during or right after my workout 3 days a week.  (That’s the easy one!)
    That leaves me one jar to fit in somewhere, and it usually only gets half done, but it’s better than my habits 6 months ago!

  4. This is a struggle for me, too, Carol. The best plan for me is to fill up my nalgene water bottle and then refill it when it is empty. Carry it with me in the car. Leave it out on the counter where I pass it all the time…and I still don’t get it done half the time. Working on it.Better go get a glass now,Diane

  5. Thanks for the reminder. I have made the mistake of thinking that diet sodas replace water which they don’t. I am also at that time of life where I know every bathroom stop in the county. I appreciated the good hints above! M (excuse me now I need to go get a bottle of water)

  6. This seems like such an odd question to me. Beckey has trouble getting one 32 oz btl. a day. This must be a gal thing. She insists that after four babies too much water keeps her in the little girls room. I guess I got in the habit of drinking it in the Army. Some Pavlovian sort of thing happens when Drill Sergeants yell 20 times a day “drink water you maggots!”I buy a 32 oz. btl. on Monday and make sure I drink three a day. I refill it all week then toss it on Friday. It doesn’t seem to be an issue if I keep it some place visible. Seems like I am always thirsty.

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