Hitting the Jackpit

Kenny, our nice neighbor and friendly mail carrier,
walked up to our door with letters in his right hand;
then, in a dramatic gesture, he pulled out of bundled pile of packages from his bag.
“Wow!” I exclaimed, “I’ve hit the jackpit!”
I was so excited for ten seconds that I couldn’t think of the correct word.

Only one of these is an assignment for school.
I’m excited about each title.

Hat Tip to Deb for turning me on to Gervase Phinn,
‘The James Herriot of schools…’

PaperBackSwap:  it’s a beautiful thing.

7 thoughts on “Hitting the Jackpit

  1. I love those “book delivery” days!  One day last week, we received books from: the USPS, DHL, FedEX, and UPS.  All in the same day!  It was very exciting.  Most of the books were my sons’ school books, but I think maybe one came for me.
    Oh, the Feminization of American Culture is a very interesting book.  I bought it (for around $2) when my eldest son was a senior in high school.  He was writing a big paper on the lack of the intellectual in American Christianity and that book (along with several others) was very helpful for him.  And Have His Carcase is great, too.  I hope you have read Strong Poison first?  If not, you should .
    One more thing.  Forgive me if you have mentioned this before, but you say only one book is for school.  I was under the impression that your children were all grown (maybe the wrong impression), and if that is correct, are you continuing your education formally somewhere? 

  2. I thought I posted yesterday but something must have happened. I love Dorothy Sayer’s too, although I don’t know that I have read the one you have there. Literary Converts had me intrigued and sent me to Amazon to check it out. I hope you’ll give a review when you’re done.I sure hope you do enjoy the Phinn book – especially since you’ve given me a hat-tip! LOLhappy reading.

  3. I just signed up! I have so many books to find homes for…
    And what do you know? I had a reserve put on one book before I had finished entering my first nine!
    This is sooo cool! 

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