oh – Oh – OH!!

One of the minor irritants in my life is the drop down tab to input your state in an address.  Here’s why I dislike it: I use the keyboard to input the address and zip code before and after the state, but I have to move my hand to the mouse and scroll down to find OR for Oregon. 

It’s just not efficient. I usually type O, which gets me OH, a small scroll away from OR.  Often, in my haste I type OR and suddenly I’m at Rhode Island.  Bother!!

Yesterday I was working on a project at the pharmacy bringing our formerly outsourced payroll in house.  For each employee I needed to choose Oregon from a drop down tab four times.  After playing around with it several ways, I discovered that if you type the same letter it toggles through the states beginning with that letter.  For instance, if you want Indiana, type I – I – I – I  and you will see IA, ID, IL, IN.  If you type it five times by mistake, you’ll just get IA again.

This is such a tiny thing, but it made me so very happy to type O-O-O with my finger and avoid the mouse.  I couldn’t keep from giggling and feeling smug and victorious.  My co-worker chuckled and said, “It doesn’t take much to make you happy, now, does it?”  That’s me.  Easily amused.

Disco, baby, disco!

5 thoughts on “oh – Oh – OH!!

  1. I’m gonna go try! Hey I noticed you love 84 Charing Cross Road. One of my all time favs as well.  Have you seen the flick with Ann Bancroft and Anthony What’s his name? L and B Me in SC

  2. I remember it taking me forever to discover this one, too. I thought I was the last one! You just have to be a little careful with lists that also have Canadian provinces (such as Ontario, for you Oregonians) or U.S. territories (such as the Marshall Islands, for us Marylanders).

  3. Two favorite commenters! Maxine, I did see Anthony Hopkins in 84 Charing Cross Road. It was slow and lovely and delightful. My husband watched it with me. Halfway through he looked at me and said, “No wonder you love this movie. You *are* this woman!” I’m not sure that’s praise in the gates, but I’ll take it!!Valerie, I was on the verge of emailing you to find the solution, because I knew if anyone, ANYONE, in America knew the answer, it would be you.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I send at least 5 FedEx packages daily and this state thing has always irked me.  Who would ever have thought there was a solution to this?  It rates right up there w/ my discovery that you can highlight a document, right click on it, and cut/paste right on it, instead of having to go up to “Edit” each time. 
    And I would LOVE to watch 84 Charing Cross Road when I come (hint, hint).
    I remain, equally easily amused,
    Yours Truly 🙂

  5. I think Luke showed me this a couple of years ago. IL is third in the list of I’s so it has amused me many times as well.I also liked your tip last week about using the scroll bar to make text bigger. I’d seen that before but couldn’t remember how to do it. Terry sends his emails in huge font cause that’s how he likes to read them. I use the scroll bar to make the font smaller and more like what I am used to reading!Blessings,Sandy

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