Simple Pleasures in July

~   One cool cowboy down to the essentials of life

~ A faithful son who keeps all green spots , including plants in pots, watered

~ A clean desk.  It’s really not that Simple, but the Pleasure’s great

~ PaperBackSwap – I joined Friday and I’ve already mailed out four books.
My all time favorite “cotton candy” book, Penny Plain by O. Douglas,
(the sister of John Buchan) is on its way to me through PBS.
I just saved $25!!
Color me happy.

You pay the shipping to mail a book.
You get a credit for a free book.
Someone mails you a book (free!).
1,345,634 books to choose from.
Essentially you get books you want for ~ $2.13 a book.
PS – there are A LOT of homeschool materials

~ A new trick for an old dog.
Did you know that you can layer postage stamps?
Only the denomination needs to show.
Cleaning my desk gleaned many old stamps.
They are almost all used.


9 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures in July

  1. Paperback Swap sounds awesome.  How does it know that you’ve sent away a listed book, and no one else should ask you for it?  Must the books be in near-perfect condition, or is there a way to alert folks if one is worn around the edges?
    Another July pleasure- the price of seedless grapes just dropped locally.  Put ’em in the freezer for a bit, then crunch away!

  2. Cindy, if it were up to me to keep it watered it would have died a month ago. Ruthie, maybe checking the link would explain it better. You list the books you have available. When someone wants it (and has the credit) they choose it and you get an email. You print the wrapper (or label) and click a button when you have mailed it. When it arrives the recipient clicks a button that they have received it and ta-da!! you have a credit for one free book. Then you get to do the choosing.Books are required to be in good condition, not near perfect. They give broad guidelines. You can also send a message after the book has been requested with specifics on the condition of the book and ask if they still want it. I’m not a veteran (obviously) but so far everything has been straightforward. In short, it is a giant database with safeguards to make sure people don’t cheat. CarolPS I’ve never heard of freezing grapes – I’m going to try it this week after I’ve grocery shopped.

  3. There are pretty strict condition guides. No underlining and no water damage. Old is fine!The wish list is really key to PBS. Requests are first come, first served, so filling up your wishlist with lots of books helps keeo the books coming. We’ve been members for a year, and it is fab! We’ve gotten 50 books — no problems. A few books have been lost in the mail, but you gey your credit back, they trust you.

  4. Okay, enough talk about the books, what about the absolutely ADORABLE photo of the cowboy?!?!  That is just classic – you better keep that one for the album to show future girlfriends 🙂

  5. I LOVE you blog!  I always learn something.  Today was paperback swap.  I’ve already signed up and had 3 of my books requested and found one that I’d been searching for to use with school.  Thanks so very much!

  6. Dana, your words are like aloe vera on a burn…pleasant, soothing, comfortable. Not that I’ve been burned recently. (shrug) (why did I chose that analogy?) Thank you! I’m am so glad. I’ve heard about PBS from several bloggers over a period of a year; I’m a believer, oh yeah!

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