Going On in Courage

The best birthday present I received last year was the friendship of this woman.  My friend Katie brought her by for a brief hello and
goodbye.  She was headed home to Zimbabwe; I was leaving for a visit with my
brother in Pennsylvania. But in that half hour overlap of
our travels, we connected.  In the numinous moments we were given, a bond formed. We both were in the habit of sending weekly emails
to our family and friends and added each other to our email list. 

In 2007 her
messages have described the impact of the political and economic crisis that is
taking place in Zimbabwe. 

Fuel and food are scarce. 

Violence has moved in.

Justice is a fugitive. 

Normal has fled the country with her sister

I remember the shock that stabbed me when I saw the movie Hotel Rwanda.  My first question was, “What was I doing?  How could this take place so recently and we could be so unaware?”  I remember a few articles in World magazine, but genocide of that magnitude didn’t register.  Sometimes we need a personal connection to make us care.  Sad, but true.  My BIL cares deeply for Angola, because he’s been there, he knows the people. This friend is my connection and my reminder to pray.

The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall
preserve thy soul.

Psalm 121

I cling to the promises of Christ which I memorized as a
child as I pray for my friend and for her people in Zimbabwe. 

I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.

I will never leave you,
nor forsake you.

And the petitions of the Lord’s Prayer are so apropos, so

Give us this day our daily bread
Forgive us our trespasses.
Lead us not into

Deliver us from evil.  

photo credit: RLF

live as those who are on a journey home:

home we know will have the lights on

the door open

our Father waiting for us when we arrive. 

means in all adversity

worship of God is joyful,

life is hopeful,

future is secure

is nothing we can lose on earth

can rob us of the treasures

has given us and will give us.  

John Oxenham

is not having the strength to go on;

is going on when you don’t have the strength.

Theodore Roosevelt


5 thoughts on “Going On in Courage

  1. Oh, this pains my heart. I saw Hotel Rwanda too. We are so oblivious to what’s going on around the world. I will pray for your friend and her country.

  2. I just finished the Neil Postman book you recommended. In it he talks about how difficult it is for us to relate to people in far away places whose circumstances have been made known to us via the evening news. Before we can even compose a prayer of petition, the thought escapes us because a new article is placed before our eyes. But you are so right when you say that a personal connection brings with it the ability to CARE. I’ve been blessed to know missionaries from many countries that provide that bridge between impersonal news and living concern. I loved your post and will say a prayer today for Zimbabwe.P.S. The Theodore Roosevelt quote encouraged me greatly in a different matter and helped me to make a decision to take a risk in a new venture that is looming before me. Thanks!

  3. Carol, what a beautiful post.  I’ll pray for your friend and her country.  We do try to keep up on what is happening near and far, and in many ways it’s so unbelievable that these things are going on today.
    The Teddy Roosevelt quote is splendid.

  4. You remember Carol, when I told you of my visit to Rwanda and the hurting women of that country, after eleven years. The marvel of it is that the Lord has come to bring the comfort only He can give to them and the church is flourishing!!!!!!!The lesson of Rwanda however, is to pay attention and be provoked to action both in prayer and politically. The hard part is when our own country refuses to give us information or become involved. Please pray for my DH as he returns (to Rwanda, Congo and Tanzania mid-August for another series of meetings (this time over 1000 pastors are signed up) you couldn’t get that many pastors to sign up for such a conference here for anything. Tragedy promotes desire for the Word. Beautiful blog, sweet sister and one that obviously hits home. I will be praying for you friend and the country of Zimbabwe. Blessings and love, M in SC

  5. I received two emails from my friend this morning. She survived two trips to the police station. She writes,”God did bless, because after an hour, the enemy who had ‘come in one way’, ‘scattered in seven directions.’”We continue to pray.

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