Loathsome List

We are culture full of mooing affirmations.  We accentuate the positive and avoid the negative.  However, what you deny is as important as what you affirm. 

Think about it. 

If you ask a friend what she loves, that will tell you something about her. 
But ask her what she hates. The answer to that question will reveal a different side.

The Proverbs illustrate this, don’t they?  In one verse you see the antithesis: A false balance is abomination to the Lord; but a just weight is his delight.

In the spirit of affirmations and denials I’ve been compiling a Loathsome List.  Strictly speaking, some of the items are more irritating or annoying than loathsome.  And just because it lands on the list doesn’t mean that I’ve banished it from my life (particularly # 1 and #11).  And what may be loathsome (can you tell I like how that word rolls off the tongue?) to me may be acceptable to you.  So we allow each other a measure of quirkiness. 

So what about you, my friend?  What do you hate?

Carol’s Loathsome List

1.  Standing-overnight

2.  Bitter cucumber

3.  The demise of
favorite shoes

4.  Hearing harmony
sung off-key

5.  Deer-devoured

6.  Screaming, kicking tantrums in the grocery store

7.  Quiet tantrums held within my head.

8.  Any email with a
promise postscripted if you forward it to five people

9.  A mosquito’s buzz
near the pillow

10.  Racist comments,
gestures, acts

11.  Produce I’ve let
spoil in the fridge

12.  Cut-off telephone
conversations without a proper farewell

13.  A good book with
the last pages missing (not theoretical)

14.  An unreconciled bank statement

15.  A listener to gossip

16.  Litter (written the day after July 4th)

17. 105° without air conditioning

18.  Used gum in inappropriate places (underneath tables, on the street)

19.  A stain on a favorite white tee shirt

20.  Interest paid for consumables – like throwing $20 bills out the back door

10 thoughts on “Loathsome List

  1. I share quite a few on your list!  I would add road rage, rude customers I talk to on the phone, watching rude customers at stores I frequent (people who have apparently never been taught common courtesy), neighbors who talk loudly or play music loudly early on Saturday morning.  Not that I have any irritating habits myself, mind you 😉

  2. This reminded me of the Mitford Series when Fr. Tim asks Cynthia “what don’t you love?” and she tells him a few examples.
    I always enjoy my visits to your blog.

  3. I hate waking up to find that my clean kitchen had gotten dirty in the night (other people in our house). People who talk on cell phones while driving.  Realizing that I had assumed something I had no right to assume. Complainers.(ohoh is that what I am doing?)  People who get bored easily. I think my greatest loathing is when someone belittles my Saviour. That makes me nuts!

  4. Teacher Husband would double or nothin’ #18. We only chew gum when Daddy is not home around here (-:I would add or change the following to your list:* loud, obscene music that I cannot get out of my hearing* 105 degree weather with or without air conditioning (certified heat wimp here)(-:Di

  5. 8.  Any email with a promise postscripted if you forward it to five people
    Especially those that come from well meaning Christians that promise if you send it God will bless you, you will get brownie points in heaven, you will prove to God that you are really faithful, etc ad nauseum…. sent by a Lutheran, no less! and forwarded to other Lutherans…shades of indugences…ack!
    I also despise the loud music, especially in our un-airconditioned vehicles, windows down on a hot day, parked at a light next to said music… rude text messagers that stop conversations to reply to others.

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