My Storybook Hero

I love and respect my husband. 
Sometimes I just can’t contain it.
Here is what he has done this week:

Worked full time at the hospital. 
This week he remodeled a radiology exam room.

Visited with the neighbors.

Cut down a tree and, with our oldest and youngest sons
(Carson, where are you?), split and stacked it.

The wood for winter 2007-2008 is in!

Read us a chapter of Leepike Ridge after dinner most nights.
This is the Slow Train method of reading, but we enjoy
experiencing this marvelous book together.

Burned the midnight oil studying and writing a sermon
to preach this Sunday. 
The topic?  Psalm 92, A Sabbath Psalm

Kept me warm.

7 thoughts on “My Storybook Hero

  1. I loved the look of stacked wood. The weather must be very mild in OR; we prefer to heat with wood and use several cords per year. Your stack might last us a month if the weather was milder, maybe in April. Cutting wood is hard work. Good job, boys!Janie

  2. I love the comments: Dana the manly, gentlemanly connection; Dorrice, I like the last one too.Kathleen, we finished Leepike Ridge in the car yesterday. It was fun to discuss all the allusions and the plot development. I think you said you could pick it up and read it again as soon as you finished. That’s how I feel.Janie, when Curt saw the picture of the wood stack, he mentioned that it gave an inaccurate picture because it wasn’t taken on an angle to show all five rows. If you look at the load in the truck and multiply it by five, it might give you a better idea.

  3. I love the look of the stacked wood.  It looks like Curt enjoyed making it look as symmetrical as he could!  I think it would make a nice mosaic table top myself 😉  And I LOVE his dirty shirt!!  That must have been fun to wash, huh?

  4. Oh, I am so envious of that stack of wood. We aren’t nearly so handy with the chainsaw and splitter around here and have bought wood the last two winters. It is piled randomly in our greenhouse and not stacked so neatly. Hmm. I may have to remedy that this year!I love to hear you talk about your husband. You are a thankful wife, who I am sure blesses him in return!Blessings,Sandy

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