My Commonplace Book

“Nothing was more characteristic…in the thirties
than the little notebooks with black covers
which he always carried with him
in which he tirelessly entered in the form of quotations
what daily living and reading netted him
in the way of “pearls” and “coral.”
On occasion he read them aloud,
showed them around like items
from a choice and precious collection.”
~  Hannah Arendt

Different colored pens, scissors, and a glue stick…

Part travelogue…

It’s permanently overstuffed…

and includes remnants of a pocket calendar I couldn’t bear to toss…
Isn’t our corner of the world [picture above] just about too beautiful?

a newspaper clipping about a medical mission…

It’s really a silva rerum (forest of things),
full of stuff which has no other home,
including one of the my favorite postcards.
My beloved Latin teacher sent this from New York.
On the back it says:
“As you can see, people everywhere are eager to learn Latin.”

“We look for visions of heaven and we never dream
that all the time God is in the commonplace things
and people around us.”
~Oswald Chambers

9 thoughts on “My Commonplace Book

  1. That is a creative twist to the plain old blah journaling of my life.The most I have added is an occasional sketch. I really want to expand and try this. Thanks for the inspiration once again.

  2. You are welcome, but you inspire me too, you know. And no belittling of sketches allowed. I’ve seen your sketches! You have a cameo appearance in this entry. You can click on the pictures and see….

  3. Loved seeing the innards of one of your journals.  I know I need to be more relaxed about writing in mine…in different colors; pasting things, crossing out other things.  I am trying. 
    Father Tim’s Patches of Godlight isnt *perfect* inside and I think that is neat.
    Dana in GA

  4. I loved looking! I’m going to have to start pasting those lovelies in mine. I like the smaller size; mine is larger and bulkier. Now I can see where those Fine Art Friday favorites go!Janie

  5. So now I can admit that at my (very boring) job, I sometimes journal, print it out, cut it to size and gluestick it in my journal when I get home…..
    And how I love the Oswald Chambers quote at the end of this blog entry, since this past week I’ve been extremely struck by the ways God speaks to me, and am trying harder than I normally do to listen to Him!  Thank you.

  6. So cool!!
    I have saved all those sorts of bits and pieces form my travels and things for nigh on 30 years plus…It would take me year of Sundays to put them in proper order…My poor kids will inherit bags of junk without order….
    Sigh, while there is life there is hope.

  7. @snyderkh – Welcome and thanks for your comment.  Recently I showed my current commonplace book to an older gentleman.  He inquired if I ever looked through them after I had filled one.  “That is my joy,” I responded.  It brings back people, books, talks, etc. and helps me remember them.  They truly are my “choice and precious collection.”

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