A Wee Bit of Merriment

While my bread is baking, I jumped online to see how some big happenings went with my online friends.  Oh my!  Between Cindy’s son’s wedding, Donna’s daughter’s graduation and Janie’s 30th anniversary, I’m limp from emotion.

My older daughter-in-law and I had a funny phone conversation about weird stuff people eat.  She hadn’t known about my not-so-secret weirdness: I eat non-instant dry milk powder.  Put some in a mug, get a spoon and lick away while I read.   When I was a child that was all we could find to nosh on one day and it just stuck.  Weird, huh?

We talked about people who eat butter: take a stick from the fridge and start taking bites.  Ewwwwh!

But my DIL had the best story:  a friend of hers used to eat bananas dipped in mayonaisse

What’s the weirdest thing you eat?

14 thoughts on “A Wee Bit of Merriment

  1. Over the years, I have come to realize that artichokes are a distinctly California food, which we natives really enjoy.  Very few people from other places seem to enjoy them – they usually think they’re too much work!  This past year, I taught my good friend of 20+ years that she was supposed to cut straight across the bottom of an artichoke so it could stand upright when you steam it – that made me laugh!  And the other part that usually makes us natives laugh is that people eat all the leaves and try to throw away the heart, the best part!!!  I live close to Castroville, the artichoke capital, near Santa Cruz.  It’s fun to see how they grow as you drive on the freeway by the fields.  I’ve tried artichoke bread, soup and fried artichokes, but fresh large ones still remain my favorite. 

  2. I adore artichokes, Mel! A nice large artichoke and some lemon butter and that could be my dinner. Will they be in season when you come to visit next? You’ll have to bring some up with you. My first year in California, when I was 17, I was introduced to the three “A”s: Artichokes, Asparagus, and Avocados. I love all of them.

  3. Definitely nothing as weird as your examples! Some people find my favorite sandwich strange though. White bread with butter, albacore tuna mixed with plenty of mayo, and plain Lay’s potato chips. Just a big fat ball, but oh, so yummy! Goes especially good with Pepsi.

  4. We’ve been to partys without even leaving home.  It’s fun to share in the merriment, say.
    Well,  I admit to eating (once upon a time) powdered coffee creamer, but that was over forty years ago…..  As for wierdness now?  Kefir maybe?
    I do like peanut butter/banana/mayo sandwiches though….
    Dana in GA

  5. Ketchup and mustard on a slice of bread (when we were stone broke), pretending it was a hot dog on a bun.
    My mom ate raw potato (sliced thin, with mustard) sandwiches during the Depression.  They are good, once in a while.
    I learned to eat mayonnaise on my french fries whilst living in Belgium.  Even Mr. Wonderful eats fries that way now!
    Ancient Romans soaked pine nuts in vinegar, mashed them into a paste, and spread them on bread.  I like that paste on melba toast.  I also like the Ancient Roman wine-soaked prunes stuffed with pine nuts and simmered in honey.  (But I’m not brave enough to try dormouse!!)

  6. Carol, me too! I have poured dry milk onto my palm and licked it ever since I was the cat milk mixer for our barn cats as a child! I also have enjoyed raw potatos, just with a bit of salt.
    I used to love to eat raw hamburger, a treat that my dh’s grandmother also enjoyed.
    An exchange student from Sweden taught us to make oatmeal flakes fried in butter, with added sugar, that is a great late night waistline increaser!
    I love the Japanese sushi with just about every seafood raw…don’t care for the rubbery texture of octopus or squid though…it is like chewing fish flavored rubber bands. But sashime, just the raw fish, is the best!

  7. Brenda, YOU ARE THE FIRST PERSON I’ve known that likes dry milk. I also like raw hamburger, but I’d like to think I’ve mostly grown out of that. But that French dish that freaks everyone out would be fine with me, provided there was salt to put on the raw meat! We are weird!!Raw fish sounds disgusting to me, but whole people groups eat it.

  8. And I thought the peanut butter thing was extravagant! I grew up in CA and loved avo sandwiches. my fav was straight avo with a dash of vinegar or lemon and s and p.(no bread) but that is gourmet compared to PB and O (ARGH) I LOVE the three A’s! kefir is cool and having to pretend the hot dog is there makes me weep.

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