Eric Bibb and the Blues


(waving my hands frantically up and down) 
People! Pay attention!! A new discovery!

We have two queues in our life:  Netflix and  I try to keep the three occupants of our home happy with what comes in the mail from these queues.  In truth, the choices are stacked about 3:1 in my favor (i.e. the guys are exceedingly weary with medieval period films).  The point is that I occasionally attempt to get what they’d like.

In the music department, my husband wanted a little less of Vaughn Williams and a little more of Stevie Ray Vaughn.  So I was checking out the Blues when this album cover caught my eye.  The blurb snagged my interest like a shirt on a barbed-wire fence.

Steve Leggett in All Music Guide says: 

 It features his fine acoustic guitar playingand his soothing, nuanced singing, and it shows an increasinglyimproving songwriter as well, and the whole affair is all wrapped upwith a patient, quietly joyous, and ultimately positive vibe. Bibb’sversion of the blues has always been like that, patient and positive,and it serves as a reminder that the blues isn’t necessarily alwaysabout despair, darkness, and ominous guitar riffs but is also built onthe concept of survival and moving forward, on the idea of gettingthrough tough times and reaching brighter days. In Bibb’s hands theblues becomes sustaining, moving closer to the spiritual uplift ofgospel, and the often shaky division between Saturday night blues andSunday morning praise drops away here.

patient and positive – I like that

The product description:

Time and again over the past three decades and beyond, Bibb hasdemonstrated his ability to not only capture those singular momentswhen the spiritual and the everyday come together, but also extract thepriceless nuggets of truth and wisdom that emerge from those moments.Diamond Days is filled with just such gems.

the spiritual and the everyday come together – yes!

Take some time, when you can, to listen to the selections here or here.  The music is quiet, acoustical guitar with a dose of funky blues cadences or rhythms added in.  When my CD arrives it will get a lot of play time.

[Edit: we’ve discontinued our Yourmusic subscription.] If interests you (one CD a month at $6.99 + free shipping and handling), consider involving me in the process of subscribing [I get a free CD when a friend subscribes][message me and I’ll email you].  We sure enjoy yourmusic; it’s a monthly taste of Christmas, a little touch of frugal, and a small bit of splurge — all wrapped in one package a month.

I’m always late to the party – has anyone else  heard of Eric Bibb?  Any fans out there?

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