What I’m Learning This Week

Whenever, WHEN-EV-AH, my  brother and lovely sister-in-law come for a visit we learn something new. 

How to make sausage.
How to make upscale, gourmet homemade pizza.
How to make a killer green salad.
How to make bread dough in a food processor. (That was then; we don’t do that one anymore.)
How to make Esther Cunningham’s Orange Marmalade Cake.
How to make prime rib that sits in the fridge for three days unwrapped and forms a crust.
How to make healthy mushroom soup.
How to grill red peppers and skin them.

I used to think my brother was a genius.

Then he gave me a decade of Cook’s Illustrated yearbooks.  As I browsed through them, I recognized familiar recipes and procedures.  Ha!!  He’s just a good reader – always has been.  Naw, seriously, he’d make a great baker if he wasn’t busy earning a living singing.

But this year, my friend……this year he’s outdone himself.  Loaf after loaf after loaf.  Hungry sons scoop it up!

Elegant simplicity.
Outrageously easy. 
Incredible presentation. 
Melt in your mouth taste. 

No-Knead Bread

You need:
A cast-iron Dutch Oven
SAF Instant Yeast
12-18 hours

You don’t need:
To knead

Recipe is here.



6 thoughts on “What I’m Learning This Week

  1. So, does your brother have a good theology, since he prepares such good meals? šŸ˜‰
    Seriously, that bread looks GREAT!  Where do I get instant yeast?  Where do I get a cast iron Dutch oven?
    Is Esther Cunningham’s Orange Marmalade cake as mouthwateringly wonderful as the books make it out to be?
    What a happy household you must have this week!

  2. Yum. Yum. Yum!
    This brother would never wear out his welcome at my house.
    Does he sing for you as well?
    Dana in GA
    PS  I recognize the bread cutting board….my folks love theirs!

  3. When my mom was in the hospital, a friend brought a loaf of this with a meal one night. Needless to say, with three teenagers in the house and being late home from the hospita,l it was just a phantom loaf for me. It received high praise from all.Thanks for the recipe.YUM.Diane

  4. Sigh…they left us this afternoon. <lump in throat> But, OH YES, it was a happy, happy household this past week. In a few minutes I will begin my first batch of dough by myself and we’ll see how it comes out. R1R2ish – I added links to the post above for Cast Iron Dutch Oven and SAF instant yeast. I bought SAF at the large chain grocery store in town. It’s readily available. You could probably pick up a dutch oven at a hardware, outdoor or general merchandise store. It looks like the kind of item you could find at a garage sale or perhaps on Craig’s List?Esther’s Cake is very cool and refreshing. The first time I bought cake flour was for this recipe. Dana, I can imagine that my brother and SIL would enjoy your family as much as you would enjoy them. They are people people and love making new friends. You know, this trip we didn’t have much solo singing. We do sing before the meal as a normal practice, though. I love harmonizing with him. The bread cutting board….a gift from Dan and Val, of course!Diane, stop by this week (heh heh) and we’ll have a loaf waiting for you!!

  5. Yummy! I’m late in coming in (I’m not so sure about this working life!). I’ve got the recipe for Esther’s Orange Marmalade Cake at Seasonal Soundings’ Savories in case anyone wants this recipe. It IS delicious. But you must follow the directions exactly. It’s kind of an all day process. That’s why I don’t make it often (usually at Mother’s Day). I loved hearing about this visit, Carol!Janie

  6. I have been blessed enough to partake of your brother’s cooking often. I’m thankful to say that imo, his cooking is as good as his theology. (His tobacco and spirits as well!)

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