weekend was one filled with precious jewels.  We were part of a
missions conference and the speakers were the jewels I speak of.  Their
faces and words were shards of light which glinted and gleamed as they
They were beautiful.  I don’t have space to describe each one; I will highlight two couples.

Gordon and Elizabeth, both
MKs themselves, have invested their lives in children affected by
leprosy in India.  Gordon (born the week before my father in 1922) met
Ghandi before Ghandi was assassinated. 

Elizabeth has the
dignity and poise of Elisabeth Elliot.  A sari is her dress where ever
she goes.  Humility, contentment, and joy radiate from their
countenances.  She puts on her wedding dress each anniversary to celebrate!! 
All those days that they loved each other, served together, sacrificed
and gave of themselves — all those days form a glorious patina of
grace.  Just being in their presence is a gift.

Ed and Maxine
were a special treat.  Ed is the man who led our pastor to the Lord
when Terry was 20.  For years our church family has heard repeated
stories about this great man.  To meet him and hear his side of those
same stories, to witness the reunion of this Paul and Timothy bound us
all together. 

Isn’t that how love works?  You incorporate the memories
of your loved one into your own chapters and verses; you own the stuff that is part of them. Ed challenged us and exposed
us to growing churches in many parts of the world.                     

Singing together again

Several of us have been getting to know Maxine through her blog Roseteacup.
 It was my first experience of meeting an online friend in real life
(IRL).  She is a precious jewel.  It took an effort not to hog her for

All xanga bloggers Sisters and good friends

When He cometh, when He cometh
To take up His jewels,
All His jewels, precious jewels,
His loved and His own.

Like a star in the morning,
His bright crown adorning,
They shall shine in their beauty,
Bright gems for His crown.

5 thoughts on “Jewels

  1. Oh what fun to meet IRL people you have met on blogs or message boards! I have met several wonderful women who post to a message board that I have posted to for several years, and in fact three of us have a meeting planned for the near future.
    RYC: just keep in mind that, judging from what you said above, I am two years older than your father. So I was 20 in 1940. Rachmaninoff died about 3 years after the concert I attended.

  2. Yes, yes, yes!   How often do I look at Christian women in my church, or remember the women with whom I attended past Bible studies, even my own bridal shower, and think, “THESE are the ‘precious inheritance in the saints’ of 1 Peter, THESE are ‘worth FAR above rubies'”!!  How my heart aches to hear Christian women denegrate themselves, chasing after magazine-gloss instead of ‘a glorious patina of grace’!  How beautiful they are, how glorious as they (we) reflect God’s glory!

  3. Dear Precious Carol, Wasn’t that fun!!!! We got back late last night and I had to jump into work with both feet today. I shall treasure each moment and memory of our time together. Forever-sisters, music, laughter, food, prayers, mutual edification, kids, and Yes, Elizabeth and Gordon were amazing. Isn’t being a part of the forever family a kick! Thank you for the great pictures!

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