Pax Vobiscum

Friend, you have come to this church,
leave it not without a prayer.
No man entering a house
ignores him who dwells in it.
This is the House of God and He is here.

Pray then to Him Who loves you
and bids you welcome
and awaits your greeting.

Give thanks for those who in past ages
built this place to His glory
and for those who,
dying that we might live,
have preserved for us our heritage.

Praise God for His gifts of beauty
in painting and architecture,
handicraft and music.

Ask that we who now live
may build the spiritual fabric of the nation
in Truth, Beauty and Goodness
and that as we draw near to the One Father
through our Lord Jesus Christ
we may draw nearer to one another
in perfect brotherhood.

The Lord preserve thy going out
and thy coming in.

Note: This is what comes from cleaning your desk.  Two years ago, my husband and I were out driving with my brother and his wife when we came upon this country church.  Yes, the one in that microscopic photo above.  It was unlocked and we went in to explore. There was an illumined  manuscript  framed in the foyer with this message. The colored words  were ornately decorated.  It was a  beam of beauty in a glorious day. No author was given. I grabbed the only paper available (a deposit receipt) and copied the charge.  These words were kept safely in a drawer that always gets the most cluttered.  They have sifted towards the bottom of the “someday” pile and resurfaced today. Pax Vobiscum, dear reader.

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