Friedrich Kuhlau’s Allegro Burlesco

I have finished memorizing Kuhlau’s Allegro Burlesco.  Several measures need polishing; I’m still not up to tempo. It is a fun and lively piece to play.  You can hear a one minute excerpt here.   Scroll down to the sample and play No. 21.  This one’s for you, Mel. 

5 thoughts on “Friedrich Kuhlau’s Allegro Burlesco

  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!  And I still say it should be called “Dance of the Fairies,” too!!!  It will be a long time before I forget waking up to the tinkling of this wonderfully fun song on Sunday morning in your guest room!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  Melanie

  2. cool sounds like a fun piece to play! I’m begining to have a greater appreciation for classical piano music. I know I’ve grown up playing it, but learning in Theory class how to take apart entire movements…Wow…its beginning to make sense now. I love difficult peices of music. The pain and stake that you put into them really pays off! Its hard to explain the exitement when you play a peice you’ve strived so long to learn. Well have fun with the Allegro Burlesco! love you and looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!:D

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