There is Power in the Cord

Oh boy, do I feel sheepish!!  I took our computer in Monday morning and picked it up this afternoon.  The computer wouldn’t even power up causing us dry gulps and sinking stomachs.

It was the power cord.

The gracious technician carried the computer to my car, handed me a new power cord, and didn’t bill me for his time.  Believe me, we are backing up whatever wasn’t backed up.  Gotta catch up on email, blogs, etc.  I need to type my school schedule for November.  I never knew how much we used the web for reference until it was gone.  Whew!  Praise God from Whom all blessings, even impotent power cords, flow.

5 thoughts on “There is Power in the Cord

  1. Oh, Carol, just think of yourself as having joined those elite of us who barely know how to push the start button and are glad there are those technology-minded to keep us going!  What a blessing that’s all it was šŸ™‚ 

  2. Well, that’s nice, Carol. I was tempted to ask what it was doing so that maybe I could help. Rarely even if you’ve had a hard drive problem are files really lost. I’ve never lost a single thing on my computers. It’s not even that tricky to get the files off.

  3. Luke and Terry always ask, when trouble-shooting a computer or printer, “have you checked the power cord to make sure it is plugged in?” But how would you have known your power cord had gone bad??Our favorite computer-geek phrase is “PEBCAK” Problem exists between chair and keyboard……(meaning the person operating the computer is the problem!;)

  4. Oh Sandy, PEBCAK – that’s great! I’ll use that one in the future, I’m sure.Patti – thanks for the offer. When I took it in to the shop I had to sign a paper saying that I realized that if they had to reload the operating system I would lose EVERYTHING.

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