The Snake Story

We all have different memories of this classic family story.  Something like this happened.

We all went camping in October and the Daddy and the Grandpa were deer hunting.  Christopher (that’s what we called him back then) was 5 and Carson was 3.  One afternoon I took the boys on a walk down a dirt road near camp.  The sun was warm and life was fair.  We discovered that a snake was also enjoying the sunshine on the road ahead of us.  Christopher bolted and ran back about 50 yards.  I stayed put and was semi-paralyzed.  Carson picked up a stick, charged forward and started to hit the snake.  I think he persuaded the snake to leave the road and go into some bushes.  Did he kill the snake?  I can’t remember.  I don’t think the snake was a threat, he seemed to be sleeping.



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  1. I have a story about my bro too. When I was oh about 7,8,or 9 we went ground squirrel hunting in the desert I was walking along and almost stepped on a rattlesnake. he being the good brother he is stepped forward and pushed me out of the way and blasted it with his 22. rifle.but later as we were driving home we saw another one on the road [rattlesnake not another Carson] and bailed out to see it. Carson got his camera and was taking pictures of it at 2 Ft from it and it was coiled[ ready to strike] fir all you who read this you can probobly recognise this trait in him. Chris got the 22. pistol and could not hit it at point blank range hahaha [sorry Chris]

  2.  I have no story.   And you guys never change, picking on Carson, and to hear Chris wine about it… man I love you guys!!!!! Are yu’all going to the Rim New Years Eve?  Well hope to see you there.  In Christ Jon

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